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NNT provides organizations with ultimate protection against all forms of cyberattacks and data breaches with SecureOps™. Combining the essential prescribed security controls with advanced threat prevention, detection and change control technology.

Pioneered by NNT, SecureOps™ includes a combination of the essential, foundational security controls as prescribed by all leading security frameworks with the operational discipline of change management and the innovation of intelligent change control.
Save time and resource by automating alerts, manual tasks and minimizing change noise. Achieve peace of mind knowing that IT systems are continuously monitored for compliance and ensure high availability at all times.

NNT - A Simple Definition
The SecureOps solution set includes:

  • Asset discovery and Inventory
  • Secure system configuration for all assets
  • Regular vulnerability scanning
  • Change monitoring and control
  • Whitelist approved File Integrity Monitoring
  • Integration with operational Change Management process and systems
Security Information and Event Log Management (SIEM)

The NNT SecureOps™ Advantage – Intelligent Change Control

SecureOps™ from NNT utilizes a unique blend of intelligent, layered security analysis technology, combined with integration and correlation of ITSM planned changes. NNT’s Intelligent change control technology cuts out change noise, which leads to improved operational integrity and protection from all forms of cyberattacks, even zero-day threats and ransomware.

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