Nintex Defense Agencies

Defense Agencies enable military services with Nintex Drawloop DocGen ®

In government agencies, stringent medical and background checks and requisitioning of needed equipment can be challenging. There are often multiple actions and approvers along the way. The longer this takes, the longer it takes for important resources to be available to perform critical functions.

With Nintex, recruiters can quickly complete and route job requisitions for approval. They can easily post jobs, interview candidates, and hire recruits. Automated completion of medical and background check processing streamlines intake, getting new recruits onboarded into effective roles.

Leveraging existing agency documents (PDF, Word, Excel, PPT) with multiple language support and implementation support Defense Agencies can quickly and successfully deploy Nintex to streamline experience from hire to retire.

When manual steps are automated, government agencies become better staffed and more effective.

Top Use Cases

  • Talent management
  • Patient relationship management
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Modernization and innovation