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Nintex is here to help your government agency best serve the needs of your constituents by efficiently and securely modernize digital government operations with easily deployed automation software that integrates with Salesforce.

Digital document generation, delivery, and processing is core to every government agency’s digital transformation. Nintex’s FedRAMP-authorized Drawloop DocGen® enables agencies on Salesforce to transform digital document generation, delivery, and processing.

Leveraging Nintex’s process mapping, forms, advanced workflow, robotic process automation, mobile apps, and electronic signature tools any team can accelerate mission-critical processes surrounding digital documents all while reducing costs, risk and eliminating the complexity of traditional IT.

Carahsoft and Nintex have teamed together to provide Nintex products and solutions to the government for over 5 years. Carahsoft serves as Nintex’s Master Value Added Reseller and Aggregator in the US Public Sector and jointly are committed to helping government agencies digitally transform operations.


Citizens and constituents are demanding better outcomes, which fuels the need to modernize and transform the way agencies deliver services. Nintex is here to help your government agency best serve the needs of your constituents and citizens by efficiently and securely transforming digital government operations with automation software solutions that easily integrate with Salesforce.

  • Digital Document Generation - FedRAMP

    Create any document in seconds with Nintex’s FedRAMP-Authorized Drawloop DocGen. With a Salesforce native document generation solution your staff can instantly create agency-approved documents, certificates, and more with a click of a button or automatically when triggered Behind the scenes data is merged, entered via customizable forms with any custom or standard object stored in Salesforce or other systems of record. All of the information flows into pre-approved templates in Word, PowerPoint, Excel or PDF formats Any data, any language, any delivery.

  • Electronic Signature

    Collect signatures and sign-offs with NintexSign. Completing approvals, accepting terms, and more is simple, fast, and safe with an electronic signature solution This allows your agency to reduce time to process completion and improve customer experience, as well as staff experience throughout the process. Streamlining approval sign-off or finalizing a process with an official signature has never been easier.

  • Process Mapping

    Bring current and new process to life with Nintex Promapp. Visual process mapping encourages staff collaboration, increased accountability, and enables your team to improve each process they’re involved in. Program staff can trust processes are up-to-date, outlined correctly, and centrally accessible Planning, mapping, and sharing process internally and externally has never been easier.

  • Forms

    Collect data for any process with Nintex Forms. Online and offline data collection enables your staff to intake the data they need to kick-off, progress, or complete any process. Conditional logic on web and mobile forms ensure staff and customers are presented with the right questions the first time, even auto-populating forms with data from Salesforce to streamline the answer submission experience.

  • Advanced Workflow & Robotic Process Automation

    Automating manual processes gives your agency’s employees more time to focus on the tasks that matter most. Reduce risk, costs, and improve efficiency using Nintex Workflow Cloud to automate approvals, the movement of data, documents, and electronic signatures. Easily train digital workers to alleviate employees from tedious, manual, and repetitive tasks using Nintex RPA, or robotic process automation.

Use Cases

Nintex is dedicated to delivering scalable and repeatable use cases for government agencies. With Nintex’s no-code/ low-code platform it’s easy and fast for any team to successfully deploy and transform non-digital processes.

Explore some of the frequently deployed use cases:

  • Licensing, Permitting, & Inspections

    Marriages, birth and death, food, building, hunting and beyond are all permits and license services that enrich constituent’s and citizen’s lives. Building, care center, site inspections and more help to build safe, longstanding communities and businesses. Automating the processes around these and more allows any agency to deliver amazing services and experiences your constituents and citizens want and expect.

  • Grants Management

    From collecting grant applications, to automating workflows, coordinating reviews, and more transforming your grant management process is fast and easy. With seamless integrations with any Salesforce cloud including Government Cloud, Nintex enables any organization on Salesforce to deliver better services to their constituents.

  • Emergency Response Management & Preparedness

    Incident response is one of the most important—and challenging actions of government. From fixing a pothole to providing emergency disaster relief, and everything in between, incident response can mean the difference between safety and catastrophe.

  • Remote HR Employee Services

    From offers to onboarding, HR requests to retirement, and beyond – Nintex delivers easily deployed automations to support any employee service from hire to retire.

  • Public Record Request Automation

    Public records are crucial documents to public organizations, businesses, and government. Expediting public records requests from citizens or institutions makes them feel empowered, satisfies their need, and creates greater trust.


Nintex University is the free and easy way to learn the Nintex platform. Nintex University offers training courses to help anyone learn to leverage Nintex Platform to build no-code automations to digitally transform their agency.

Check out the full training catalog here

Nintex DocGen for Salesforce – Beginner

Streamline contracts, quotes, and proposals with Nintex Document Generation for Salesforce. This module provides an overview of the features and functionality with Nintex DocGen for Salesforce.


  • Set up, configure, navigate, and manage your Nintex DocGen environment
  • Create sophisticated document packages using business logic, permission sets, and user profiles

Training course can be found here

Nintex DocGen for Salesforce – Intermediate

This course will provide you with an intermediate level knowledge and understanding of Nintex Document Generation for Salesforce. You will learn more advanced skills for:

  • Merging data from multiple Salesforce records
  • Updating documents with external objects
  • Adding features such as e-sign to your documents
  • Customizing the deployment of DocGen packages

Training course can be found here


Timely responses are critical with constituent requests. Automate caseworker responses with templated documents. There are often multiple actions and approvers along the way.

The longer this takes, the longer it takes for important resources to be available to perform critical functions.

With Nintex, caseworkers can quickly respond to constituent concerns and requests utilizing internal Salesforce approvals and processes.

Leveraging existing agency documents (PDF, Word, Excel, PPT) with multiple language support and implementation support Federal Agencies can quickly and successfully deploy Nintex Drawloop DocGen® for seamless constituent experiences.

When manual steps are automated, government agencies become better staffed and more effective.

Top Use Cases

  • Top Use Cases
  • Application processing
  • Loan applications
  • Inspection reporting (images & data)
  • Inter-agency correspondence
  • Correspondence management
  • Case management

State & Local

State & Local Agencies empower community builders with Nintex

Providing transparency, efficiency, and stronger engagement with the community is foundational for every local government. Your citizens expect a modern experience to access services, report issues, and interact where appropriate but today most agencies struggle to connect their teams and citizens.

Creating amazing citizen experiences with lightning fast non-emergency response times will noticeably accelerate your community. With Nintex and Salesforce it is easy to empower both your team and citizens to improve your community.

With Nintex Forms , your citizens can easily request services for pothole, graffiti, noise complaints, and more. Automating approvals, dispatch, repair record updates, and invoicing with Nintex and Salesforce streamlines process end to end keeping your community happy and moving forward.

Don’t let slow response times and legacy process slow down your community. Deliver the support your citizens need to build a better community together.

Top use cases using Nintex

  • Application processing
  • Incident case management
  • Correspondence management
  • Public request processing
  • Proposal management
  • Inspection reporting (images & data)

Aerospace & Government Contractors

Aerospace and Government Contractors modernize with Nintex Drawloop DocGen ®

The project is straight forward, but the task of creating an RFP that meets compliance standards and the process of getting it off the ground is arduous and frustrating. Modernize proposal management for your team with Nintex Drawloop DocGen®.

Your teams can leverage meaningful Salesforce data and project specifications to generate and distribute RFP documents at the click of a button. Streamlining RFP creation gives your team time back in their day to execute on current projects and evaluate proposals for new ones.

Once vendors are selected, compliant contract generation, management, and execution are fast and easy with Nintex.

Your team should spend their time focusing on driving impactful partnerships and exemplary execution of projects. Remove the frustration from generating mission-critical documents, so they can spend their time focused on what matters most.

Top Use Cases

  • Project status reports
  • Contract management
  • Proposal management
  • Employment forms
  • Account review/ QBR presentations

Defense Agencies

Defense Agencies enable military services with Nintex Drawloop DocGen ®

In government agencies, stringent medical and background checks and requisitioning of needed equipment can be challenging. There are often multiple actions and approvers along the way. The longer this takes, the longer it takes for important resources to be available to perform critical functions.

With Nintex, recruiters can quickly complete and route job requisitions for approval. They can easily post jobs, interview candidates, and hire recruits. Automated completion of medical and background check processing streamlines intake, getting new recruits onboarded into effective roles.

Leveraging existing agency documents (PDF, Word, Excel, PPT) with multiple language support and implementation support Defense Agencies can quickly and successfully deploy Nintex to streamline experience from hire to retire.

When manual steps are automated, government agencies become better staffed and more effective.

Top Use Cases

  • Talent management
  • Patient relationship management
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Modernization and innovation

Customer Stories

SFMTA uses the Nintex Platform to drive digital transformation across the workplace and operations

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFTMTA) is responsible for the management of ground transportation in the city of San Francisco, California. SFMTA wanted to eliminate paper forms and digitize business processes across the agency to improve overall productivity and efficiency. Read More

City of Garland, TX builds a community of citizen developers

The City of Garland includes 45 business units which serve the citizens of Garland including IT, facilities management, accounting and finance, fire department, parks and recreation, and more. To support business process improvement across the city, its IT department implemented the Nintex Platform with SharePoint. Read More



GSA Schedule 70

Dec 20, 2011- Dec 19, 2021


May 01, 2015- Apr 30, 2025

State and Local


Aug 28, 2012- Mar 31, 2022

City of Seattle Contract

Jul 11, 2014- Dec 19, 2021

Department of General Services PA - Symantec

May 01, 2009- Dec 19, 2021

Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC)

Aug 10, 2019- Jun 30, 2022

NASPO ValuePoint

Oct 14, 2016- Sep 15, 2026


Oct 20, 2015- Sep 03, 2025

OH STS 0119Y

May 31, 2012- Jun 30, 2021

Oklahoma DIR Contract # SW1056B

Jun 28, 2017- Jun 28, 2022

State of Indiana Contract

Aug 01, 2017- Jul 31, 2021

State of New Mexico Contract

Aug 01, 2017- Aug 01, 2021

Texas DIR-TSO-3926

Jun 28, 2017- Jun 28, 2021
*Additional Option Years Available

Texas DIR-TSO-4288

Feb 22, 2019- Feb 21, 2023
*Additional Option Years Available


May 02, 2014- Dec 19, 2021



This whitepaper provides information about the benefits of using Nintex as the forms and workflow solution for your organization. It also contains effective concepts and practical guidelines for transitioning existing forms to Nintex.


Learn how FedRAMP certified Nintex Drawloop DocGen® can help government agencies in their digital transformation journey – with tools and techniques to help solve the top government use cases.