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CloudCover Partners with Carahsoft to Provide Affordable Risk Transfer Insurance Products to the Public Sector

CloudCover Solutions Now Available on Carahsoft NASA SEWP, OMNIA and Other Contract Vehicles

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., and RESTON, Va. — July 28, 2022 — CloudCover®, the company responsible for the new market category of end-to-end cybersecurity network technology and insurance, and Carahsoft Technology Corp., The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®, today announced a partnership. Under the agreement, Carahsoft will serve as CloudCover’s Master Government Aggregator®, making the company’s industry-leading affordable risk transfer insurance products available to the Public Sector through Carahsoft’s reseller partners and on NASA Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP) V and OMNIA Partners contracts.

“With the never-ending increase and adaptations of cyber-attacks, agencies must prioritize cyber security and safety measures,” said Mike Ducatelli, Chief Revenue Officer of CloudCover. “We look forward to working with Carahsoft and its reseller partners to support our government customers by delivering the most precise cybersecurity-insurance embedded, threat-stopping SOAR platform.”

CloudCover’s security platform CC/B1 offers impressive speed, accuracy and results for threat detection and response. Their extended network detection and proactive response capability integrate with Security, Orchestration, Automation, Risk Control (SOAR). With this technology, agencies control every device in the network whether on location or in the cloud. This streamlined approach accelerates the investigation and neutralization of cyber threats.

CloudCover’s solution boasts a 72-hour implementation, providing the Public Sector with rapid network protection. In addition, CloudCover alleviates agencies’ cost risk from ransomware through its ransomware warranty insurance and cyber insurance coverage of both first and third parties. This end-to-end Cybersecurity Network Data Insurance (CNDI) is the first patented cybersecurity insurance embedded into a platform.

The CC/B1 platform utilizes Network Detection Response (NDR) to analyze all ingress-egress traffic and eliminates nearly 100% of lateral network threats with near zero false positive accuracy. Through automated/artificial intelligence (AI) deep learning, it can not only detect and terminate threats in seconds, CC/B1 can also predict future attacks to data security without requiring much intervention from security operating center (SOC) and IT teams. CloudCovers’ cybersafety platform ensures Government agencies are aware of threats, in control of safety measures, and protected from the increasing cost of cyber threats through risk transfer.

“Protecting agencies valuable data in motion is a top priority and a simple task with CloudCover’s CC/B1 platform and CNDI,” said Paul Kolb, who leads the CloudCover Team at Carahsoft. “We look forward to working with CloudCover and our resellers to bring this vital technology and embedded insurance concept to the Public Sector to provide cybersecurity controls and the additional stability of risk transfer.”

CloudCover believes in taking a step beyond cybersecurity to a proactive, preventative cybersafety risk management approach and applying it across Federal, State and Education markets. This solution enables the Public Sector to gain the cyber threat intelligence necessary to avoid the inevitable.

CloudCover’s software is available through Carahsoft’s SEWP V contracts NNG15SC03B and NNG15SC27B, OMNIA Partners Contract #R191902 and other contracts. For more information, contact the CloudCover team at Carahsoft at (888) 608-3850 or

The dedicated Cybersecurity team at Carahsoft specializes in providing Federal, State and Local Government agencies and Education and Healthcare organizations with security solutions to safeguard their cyber ecosystem. To learn more about Carahsoft’s Cybersecurity Solutions, visit

About CloudCover
CloudCover® is an AI-driven, math-based cybersecurity and CyberSafety Insurance platform. CloudCover has reimagined cybersecurity as the risk-predictive, CyberSafety CC/B1 Platform™ — delivering real-time extended network detection through a patented, math-engineered security orchestration automated risk aware, risk control, risk transfer solution. CloudCover’s CC/B1 deep-packet inspects data across the organization’s entire multi-diverse security environment and orchestrates all network security devices into the elusive “single pane of orchestration” and control thereby eliminating threat at near zero-second speeds with near zero-threat accuracy. Providing an organization near perfect cyber safety and security isn’t a myth — it’s now reality. To learn more, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.


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