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AirWorks Solutions and Carahsoft Partner to Provide AI-Powered Geospatial Mapping Solutions to Government Agencies

Infrastructure Mapping at Scale and Process Imagery to Generate Survey-Grade Basemaps Now Available to Government Customers

BOSTON, Ma. AND RESTON, Va. — October 25, 2022 — AirWorks Solutions, a leading AI-powered mapping solution providing geospatial data processing and analytics, and Carahsoft Technology Corp., The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®, today announced a partnership. Under the agreement, Carahsoft will serve as AirWorks’ Master Government Aggregator®, making its autonomous aerial and mobile data drafting software available to the Government through Carahsoft’s reseller partners, , NASA Solutions for Enterprise- Wide Procurement (SEWP) V, National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA) and OMNIA Partners contracts.

AirWorks’ AI-powered technology allows agencies to exponentially speed up the production of computer-aided design (CAD) drawings and engineering deliverables from geospatial datasets. By increasing the speed in handling remote sensing data, the Public Sector is able to maximize their intelligence and derive action points which is especially crucial for the military and Intelligence Community (IC).

AirWorks’ web-based software turns orthomosaic photos and photogrammetric point clouds into vectorized basemaps for easy analysis and operates anywhere at any time. Through its patented machine learning algorithm, the software autonomously identifies and categorizes data points, optimizing itself to create CAD outputs with pixel-level accuracy. Government agencies can upload an unlimited amount of datasets for projects.

“We are excited for the opportunity to start working with Carahsoft in the Government space,” said Adam Kersnowski, Co-founder and Chief Evangelist of AirWorks. “With this new partnership, we’ll be able to expand our offering to a new vertical, allowing us to better serve our existing clients who often work on public projects and Government bids. Partnering with Carahsoft is just the first step in bridging the gap between startups and Government agencies. The structure that they have set up is the perfect opportunity for young, innovative companies like AirWorks to have a presence in the complicated Government contracting space and successfully navigate the extensive approval processes with ease. Leveraging Carahsoft’s expertise and incorporating their proven method for success is an unmatched opportunity for us to grow.”

“The partnership between AirWorks and Carahsoft empowers Government agencies to more easily and efficiently purchase AirWorks’ geospatial mapping solution for its wide range of applications within national security, military and civil asset management, infrastructure management, environmental studies and natural disaster response,” said Lacey Wean, Sales Director for Geospatial Solutions at Carahsoft. “Providing valuable, accurate deliverables for any type of imagery mapping project, from GIS to survey-grade on a fast timeline, is an asset we are thrilled to be offering our customers through the support of our reseller partners.”

AirWorks’ platform is now available through Carahsoft’s SEWP V contracts NNG15SC03B and NNG15SC27B, NCPA Contract NCPA01-86 and OMNIA Partners Contract #R191902. For more information, contact the AirWorks team at Carahsoft at (703) 673-3645 or

Carahsoft’s strong relationships with leading geospatial partners and deep understanding of the geospatial landscape provides customers the confidence they need to accurately match project requirements with supporting technologies. To learn more about Carahsoft’s Geospatial solutions, visit

About AirWorks

Innovation is in our DNA. Born at MIT, inspired by the advances in aerial data acquisition and the potential power of AI, AirWorks was founded by David Morczinek and Adam Kersnowski in August of 2017. Their complementary backgrounds in aerospace engineering, drones, and, construction led to a combined desire to harness the power of technology to automate a traditionally time-consuming aerial data processing approach.

Headquartered in Boston, AirWorks employs a team of unmatched AI experts, software developers, sales experts, marketers, geographers, and civil engineers all working together to redefine the future of mapping for the built world. For more information, visit

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About Carahsoft

Carahsoft Technology Corp. is The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®, supporting Public Sector organizations across Federal, State and Local Government agencies and Education and Healthcare markets. As the Master Government Aggregator® for our vendor partners, we deliver solutions for Geospatial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, MultiCloud, DevSecOps, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Open Source, Customer Experience and more. Working with resellers, systems integrators and consultants, our sales and marketing teams provide industry leading IT products, services and training through hundreds of contract vehicles. Visit us at


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