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As government organizations continue to advance their geospatial investment, it is imperative to seek out solutions that support mission success. Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAS), Architecture Engineering Construction (AEC) and other spatial technologies allow government agencies to collect and analyze critical geographic data.


Carahsoft combines a deep knowledge of the geospatial landscape with leading technology solutions from our partners to accurately match project requirements with supporting technologies. Our geospatial experts help the public sector create an end-to-end geospatial workflow for their agency.

Geospatial Technology and Software Solutions for Government

The Geospatial Solutions Portfolio at Carahsoft is composed of several complementary technologies that aid in the collection, dissemination, exploitation and analysis of geographic and aerial information. Our technologies enable organizations to improve decision making with:

  • Modern mapping platforms
  • Relevant location-based data
  • Effective information processing
  • Satellite and aerospace visualization
  • Drone monitoring solutions

Explore Carahsoft’s partner portfolio of Geospatial solutions below.

All Geospatial Vendors

Autonomy and Robotics Technology Solutions


Autonomous and robotic solutions provide a means to gather data and improve situational awareness in order to access, monitor and complete tasks remotely while maintaining cost and resource efficiency. Carahsoft’s Autonomy and Robotic Technology solutions portfolio brings together a variety of industry-leading solutions that can provide invaluable data including photogrammetric and thermographic analysis, high-quality imagery and more. Discover technology solutions that help your organization streamline geographical data workflows, prioritize personnel safety and advance mission success.


Geospatial Technology Trends

GIS Conferences and Events 

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Carahsoft April 17, 2024
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Carahsoft April 30, 2024
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Geographic Technology Resources

Watch the demo to find out more about the MariaDB-based CubeWerx technology that transforms data into web services for the management of geospatial Big Data web mapping services, including data management, web mapping, security, access control, quotas, and analytics.


MariaDB_Defense_and_intelligence.png GEOSPATIAL RESOURCE
Based on the recent acquisition of CubeWerx technology, it is a comprehensive platform that enables efficient processing and publication of geospatial data as open web services. Designed to handle very large data collections, MariaDB Geospatial makes it easy to publish data using the standard APIs developed by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and the Defense Geospatial Intelligence Working Group (DGIWG) for efficient use by mobile, web and desktop applications. Read more to learn more about how this integrated solution includes features for managing user accounts, roles, API keys and quotas, ensuring secure access to data. Users can gain valuable insights into data usage with built-in pixel-level usage tracking and analytics.


Latest Geospatial News 

Carahsoft March 02, 2023

Orbital Insight, the leader in geospatial intelligence, and Carahsoft Technology Corp., The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®, today announced a partnership.


Carahsoft January 10, 2023

FM:Systems, provider of the most scalable and intuitive all-in-one workplace management platform, today announced it experienced approximately 20 percent revenue growth in 2022, while also signing on nearly 100 new logos.