NetRise Solutions for the Public Sector

The NetRise Platform provides full SBOM lifecycle management, firmware and software component analysis, and granular device security assessments to enable effective risk and vulnerability management. NetRise works with both device manufacturers and asset owners to identify risks so manufacturers can address them at the source, and asset owners can gain critical visibility into these underlying vulnerabilities and other risks that have historically been ignored.

The NetRise Platform has been built by security practitioners with decades of experience in building enterprise security tools. NetRise uses machine learning and other data-driven approaches to solve the significant challenge of automating and scaling firmware analysis. The ability to extract firmware and generate a software bill of materials (SBOM) given any arbitrary file as input is the crux of the challenge NetRise addresses. In addition to generating an SBOM, NetRise correlates identified software components to vulnerabilities and most importantly helps prioritize those vulnerabilities by enriching this data with threat intelligence, insight into exploit availability, and more.

The NetRise Platform integrates seamlessly with existing CI/CD processes to streamline product security for device manufacturers in any industry or vertical. In the Enterprise, NetRise is the only solution that gives asset owners component-level visibility into their devices, which is a critical aspect of any mature information security program. The addition of NetRise Trace to the NetRise Platform — a first of its kind AI-powered intent interpretation engine enabling semantic searches for vulnerabilities and other sources of risk using natural language — has further empowered NetRise users to quickly and easily identify and react to software supply chain risks.

Features & capabilities:

  • SBOM (Software Bill of Materials) Management

    Generate, ingest, and enrich SBOMs for comprehensive visibility into the 'ingredients' of each device.

  • Holistic Risk Visibility

    Combine analysis from multiple artifact types to generate a risk score, including the CISA KEV catalog. Find risks based on the intention of code with NetRise Trace.

  • Continuous Risk Monitoring & Analysis

    Know your devices are being constantly assessed for the latest risks and track the impact of vulnerabilities.

  • Compliance Adherence

    Determine if third party code is introducing legal and compliance issues.

  • Product Build Assurance

    Gain a robust understanding of device software supply chains with complete SBOM visibility, vulnerability assessment, and more.

  • Robust Inventory & Querying

    Discover, manage, and interrogate your device dataset with NetRise Trace, a first of its kind AI-powered semantic search.