NetAbstractionTM uniquely addresses your network security AND privacy with our patented, cloud-based service that proactively prevents cyber attacks by obscuring and varying your network pathways. Our Network Privacy-as-a-Service disguises and protects your networks, communications, applications, and data with unique obfuscation solutions. If they can’t find you… they can’t attack you.

NetAbstractionprotects customer identities and provides enhanced security capabilities to safeguard customer activities in the cloud and on the Internet. We provide secured, varied, and non-apparent network connectivity, rotating and exchanged IP addresses, and a range of identity management and persona attribution options to reduce your cyber profile. Our unique service alters your attribution, distributes the communications activity and data storage, and works dynamically within and across multiple clouds simultaneously. NetAbstraction will support your secure migration to the cloud.

NetAbstraction allows you to:

  • Obscure your network communications pathways between your enterprise, your branch offices, the Internet, and the Cloud
  • educe and distribute your attack surfaces
  • Disguise and dynamically shift your online activity, making it harder for cyber criminals to identify you
  • Increase privacy and security for you and your organization/staff

Why Choose NetAbstraction: Privacy Protection and Network Security; Performance; Managed TCO; Interoperability and Scale