NetAbstractionTM uniquely addresses your network security AND privacy with our patented, cloud-based service that proactively prevents cyber attacks by obscuring and varying your network pathways. Our Network Privacy-as-a-Service disguises and protects your networks, communications, applications, and data with unique obfuscation solutions. if they can’t find you… they can’t attack you.

    NetAbstraction protects customer identities and provides enhanced security capabilities to safeguard customer activities in the cloud and on the Internet. We provide secured, varied, and non-apparent network connectivity, rotating and exchanged IP addresses, and a range of identity management and persona attribution options to reduce your cyber profile. Our unique service alters your attribution, distributes the communications activity and data storage, and works dynamically within and across multiple clouds simultaneously. NetAbstraction will support your secure migration to the cloud.

    NetAbstraction allows you to:

    · Obscure your network communications pathways between your enterprise, your branch offices, the Internet, and the Cloud

    · Reduce and distribute your attack surfaces

    · Disguise and dynamically shift your online activity, making it harder for cyber criminals to identify you

    · Increase privacy and security for you and your organization/staff

    Why Choose NetAbstraction: Privacy Protection and Network Security; Performance; Managed TCO; Interoperability and Scale


Identity-Protected Internet Access

  • Conduct Malware-Protected Browsing and discreet online research.
  • Lower your cyber profile with OpenVPN-based solutions.
  • Protect mobile communication devices and software.

Proactive Privacy Network

  • Augment or replace your existing MPLS circuits.
  • Protect communications with next-generation enterprise VPNs.
  • Increase privacy and security for enterprise SD-WAN.

NetEnclaveTM – Isolated Protected Hosting

  • Disguise and protect applications and data in the cloud and on-premise.
  • Utilize identity-protected enclaves for secure collaboration and communication.
  • Enable crisis communications and business continuity networks.


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While businesses are scrambling to address the current crisis, and keep their communications and data safe, they should also be looking at the long-term effects of managing an online workforce that will be exposing their network security. Will there be a permanent paradigm shift? Even as some worker...


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The sophistication of our cyber adversaries is increasing rapidly. Typical government and commercial networks are fixed, static, easily located and thus more vulnerable to identification and attack.

Private & Secure Internet access for all your devices anywhere in the world. If they can't find you...they can't attack you.

Enterprise-level cyber attacks continue to increase dramatically. Adversaries are targeting your network right now and are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and persistent — so it’s no longer a question of if they will get your valuable data and communications, it’s a matter of when....

Solutions Brief

Protect the routing and disbursed storage of electronic records and transactions.