Detect. Defend. Isolate.

Conceal, formerly NetAbstraction, provides a capability that protects people and critical assets against the most sophisticated cyber threats in the world. We are fundamentally changing the approach to cybersecurity by creating a platform where security practitioners can see the latest threat vectors and implement enterprise-wide solutions that comprehensively protect their organization.

With our Conceal platform, we take those core capabilities and evolve them into a commercially available product that incorporates intelligence-grade, Zero Trust technology to protect Fortune 500 and government organizations from malware and ransomware.

Conceal is leading the fight to protect enterprises from cyber threats — if there is malware, we detect, defend and isolate it from users and the network. Our products are transformative, and this technology matched with our experienced team members combine to build a resilient and fast-growing global brand. Each one of our team members reflects our company’s main goal: to protect the world from ever-growing cyber threats.




Influencing the Future of Cybersecurity with Conceal
July 20, 2022

Join Conceal cybersecurity experts, Scott Greaux, VP, Products and Jake Robinson, Director, Product Management as they introduce you to a new way of protecting your enterprise’s web-based activities.

Key takeaways include:
  • Learn how Conceal detects, defends and isolates cyber threats
  • Understand how Conceal drives Zero Trust to the ‘real edge’ – the browser
  • Discover how Conceal detects threats early in the kill chain before any damage is done