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Video Analysis and Image Processing Platform for Government

MotionDSP uses deep IP to dramatically improve the fidelity of video captured by a wide range of sources: from surveillance cameras to UAS and manned surveillance aircraft in commercial, law enforcement, commercial security and military applications. MotionDSP is used by organizations to make high-stakes decisions from video such as NCIS, US Special Operations, and Scotland Yard. No one has more riding on getting the right answer quickly.

MotionDSP is headquartered in Burlingame, California and is led by an experienced management team, trained at Stanford University and the United States Naval Academy. With subject matter experts and the brightest engineers in their fields, MotionDSP creates powerful solutions to the industry's toughest video analysis problems.


  • Ikena Forensic: Enhance video from any source to clarify the critical question: What happened?
  • Ikena ISR: Know now. Improve FMV fidelity, detect and track dozens of targets, and geo-spatially place every pixel, all on live FMV feeds.
  • Ikena Spotlight: Simplifies the task of preparing video for public release or presentation in court while meeting the demands of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) easily and effectively.

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