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Mossé Security Consulting & Institute is one of the world's most recognized cybersecurity institutes.

We impart an unparalleled depth of skills to cyber operators and cyber warriors. Our certifications align to NIST NICE and US military careers.

We offer 2,500+ practical exercises across 15 cyber domains. These exercises are available via our Online Learning Platform (OLP).

Each exercise simulate a problem statement that industry professionals face in the field. Students must solve the exercise using critical thinking, research, and engineering the best possible solution. It is not possible to cheat, and everything is hands-on.

This unique approach imparts work methods that meet industry expectations and standards. Upon successful completion, students feel confident in their capabilities to solve real-world challenges.

Our instructors are industry professionals. When they are not teaching, they are delivering professional services to high-end customers. The consulting arm of our Company is well-regarded for its technical services.

We invite you to browse our website for more information. Contact us to receive a demonstration.