Mercurio Solutions for the Public Sector

Mercurio D4 Platform

Proprietary Data Model focused on government agencies Comprehensive, Integrated & Auditable Data Warehouse Operational Data Store (Source System Data Lake) Master Data Management Standardized Reference and 3rd Party Data Integration, including NIEM and NIBRS data Secure Semantic Data Access Layer Security Health Check HIPAA, CCPA, & GDPR Compliant Secure Cloud Infrastructure, Tools, & Consumption Generative AI, RPA, Machine Learning, & Data Science

Mercurio D4 offers government agencies a comprehensive solution for obtaining a holistic view of data and the necessary tools for informed decision-making. Our platform provides market-driven, user-friendly, and easy-to-interpret dashboards and analytics, allowing decision-makers to quickly gain insights from real-time data. This empowers agencies to make data-driven decisions confidently and efficiently.

•Proprietary Data Model focused on the needs of Local and State Government
•Comprehensive, Integrated & Auditable Data Warehouse
•Operational Data Store (Source System Data Lake)
•Master Data Management
•Standardized Reference and 3rd Party Data
•Secure Semantic Data Access Layer
•Security Health Check
•HIPAA, CCPA, & GDPR Compliant
•Secure Cloud Infrastructure, Tools, & Consumption included




Mercurio D4 Dashboards & Analytics

•Generative AI, RPA, Machine Learning, & Data Science

•D4 Community Analytics Catalog updated quarterly

•Dashboards & Reports

•Business Glossary

•Data Dictionary