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Mercadien Technologies is a provider of professional Cyber Threat Management, Compliance/Regulatory Assessments & Network Solutions. Our highly-credentialed staff provides a full range of services including Cyber Risk Management, Information Governance & Managed Services including subscription-based Cyber Threat Hunting & Remote Network Monitoring (MCare®), Continuous Data Protection (CDP), network design & implementation, data room design & consolidation solutions, email management solutions for spam, virus & content filtering, along with as-needed technical support.

We also have a fully-staffed Cyber Security Operations Center (CyberSOC), that proactively & persistently monitors a client’s environment to identify & isolate even the slightest of variances that could potentially lead to a data breach or cyber incident. Additionally, Mercadien Technologies provides leading Endpoint Detection & Response capabilities uncovering threat activity in real time, so we can respond to attacks as soon as they're identified. Our team examines attack chain details to uncover root cause in minutes & instantly triage alerts by isolating endpoints, blacklisting applications or terminating processes. This greatly reduces dwell-time & average time to resolution to prevent irrevocable damage to our client’s organizations.


  • Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

    Just as many of us have security-cameras in and around our homes, your network requires the same/expanded “persistent-recorded-view” of all relevant hardware and/or software, anchoring your critical day-to-day operations. A Managed-Security-Plan places advanced hardware & software in a client’s network infrastructure that’s capable of monitoring anomalies and/or variances leading to a possible security-breach; real-time scans include not only physical IT-assets, but also human-behavioral changes…all recorded through system-logs that the coverage captures & parses…so you don’t have to. Plans are customized and made available at affordable, monthly fees allowing organizations to focus on their business/service-mission, not worrying about Cyber-Threats.

  • Cyber Security Risk Assessment

    A comprehensive review of your District’s current Cyber Risk as it relates to potential “Attack-Surfaces” that could lead to possible compromise. The report includes a seven-layer Defense-in-Depth analysis that results in reducing the risk of a cybersecurity incident, limiting the exposure & damage should an incident occur, creating a “culture of security awareness” and aligning with required compliance regulations. Mercadien offers levels of our Risk Assessment based on the number of schools a district has within its footprint.

  • CyberSOC (Security Operations Center)

    A fully staffed team of certified Risk Mitigation, Analysis & Incident Response experts, operating out of a centrally-managed Operations Center…coordination of resources are assembled and deployed in a well-orchestrated methodology to meet or exceed the Cyber Threat Management needs of Districts and Schools throughout the region.

  • IT/Security Project Management

    Senior-level Engagement Managers that document & communicate with District and School leadership throughout whatever project Mercadien’s team has been retained for.

  • Compliance/Regulation Management

    Mercadien staffs experts in Cyber Threat Management that understand and know the evolving and changing compliance regulations affecting the educational community; this is critical when preparing an action plan, resulting from a Risk Assessment.

  • Data Forensics/Incident Response

    Should your institution fall victim to a Cyber Incident, Mercadien can react quickly with experts that are able to isolate & identify the threat, mitigate and remove the compromise and restore operational efficiencies in the least amount of time. Mercadien can also examine the Data Forensics involved in the origin of the threat, assisting with Threat Cause and facilitation of any Cyber Insurance Claims.

  • IT Remediation Services

    Mercadien staffs expert System Engineers, capable of designing & deploying relevant refresh strategies and upgrades, necessary to address any gaps needing to be closed to maintain elevated security and compliance



Mercadien Technologies staffs a wide-range of highly experienced cyber threat experts that assist educational institutions with the development and maintenance of internal controls as well as policies and procedures to ensure they are complying with regulatory requirements and their data is protecte...

2018 revealed that school districts are not immune to the same types of data breaches and cybersecurity incidents plaguing the most technologically advanced and well-resourced corporations and government agencies.

Solutions Brief

Challenge: Your current security is failing - Cyber criminals are already in your networkSolution: MCare® Cyber Threat Hunting Enterprise | Federally rated technology protection

Standard perimeter security protection is no longer a viable solution in today’s Threat-Landscape. No matter your business/organization size, you MUST align yourself with a Cyber Security Operations Center (SOC) provider.

Cyber-attacks are quickly becoming more sophisticated. Regardless of the safety measures put in place, whether it be virus protection & malware software or physical firewalls, the weakest link in any organization is its employees. 91% of successful data breaches start with a spear-phishing attack.


Creating a culture of security awareness & preparedness within your organization