Measure Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Drone Program Software

    Ground Control is the all-in-one solution that streamlines drone operations, connecting work orders, scheduling, flight planning, data capture, activity and resource tracking, and data analysis.

  • Turnkey Aerial Inspections

    Measure’s full-service solution collects and analyzes aerial data and provides an in-depth report you can use to drive business decisions.

  • Drone Program Toolkits

    Everything you need – equipment, software, training, and support – to start and maintain an in-house drone program.

  • Advanced Pilot Training

    Hands-on pilot training led by pilots with real-world experience in commercial drone operations.

  • Drone Data Analysis

    Measure will process and analyze your drone data, translating it into actionable intelligence to inform your business decisions.

  • Drone Advisory Services

    Robust analysis and recommendations for how your organization can best benefit from drone technology.