Mattermost Solutions for the Public Sector

The Air Mobility Command (AMC) is among the most active users of Mattermost at the Department of Defense. Before deploying Mattermost on Platform One, flight teams for AMC didn’t have a way to access critical documents on mobile devices. Pilots and crews could only access these documents from computers at designated offices, which was sometimes impossible when they were in the field during an operation. With the introduction of Mattermost, flight crews can securely access documents from mobile devices anywhere in the world in support of the Digital Aircrew initiative. 

Mattermost has also helped streamline pre-flight preparations for the AMC. “For us, using Mattermost offers a huge benefit in mission velocity and safety. We found that it also gave us a lot more time to fix cargo and fuel problems before the crew even shows up at the airplane,” says Major Justin Poole, Phoenix Spark Innovation Cell Director at Travis Air Force Base. By using Mattermost to increase the efficiency of pre-flight activities, AMC has reduced fuel consumption and saved money.


The Mattermost platform includes:


All of your team’s communications in one place. Go beyond general-purpose collaboration to include automation, slash commands, bot integrations, code snippets, and more.


Orchestrate work across your tools and teams. Playbooks are prescribed workflows centered around checklists that support specific digital operations scenarios and use cases that require reliable and repeatable processes.


Plan any project and hit every milestone. Boards are project tracking tools, configured for development teams to maintain alignment through a shared set of tasks, milestones, and goals.