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24x7 Threat Detection and Response Solutions for Government

Lumu was founded on the belief that organizations of all sizes and verticals should be able to operate cybersecurity. Lumu provides organizations with a 360 degree view of their network at all times to ensure continuous detection of malicious activity. Legacy cybersecurity tools are known to generate many alerts and generally require manual processes to maximize the effectiveness of the solution. Lumu breaks the barriers of these difficult to manage solutions and ensures that your cybersecurity solutions are working together to provide the best in network threat detection and real-time incident response.

The solution is easy to use and intentionally detects compromise to ensure that organizations, regardless of their technical knowledge, are able to understand exactly what is happening within the network, how it is happening, and which assets are being impacted across the organization. Lumu is able to do this by constantly collecting and analyzing network metadata for any suspicious activity. Once compromise is confirmed, an incident is created with detailed context about the nature of the attack, how it’s moving across the network and how to best respond with detailed incident response playbooks.

Lumu is not only searching for network attacks 24x7, but it also provides the public sector with the capability to respond to attacks with speed and precision . Gain the ability to automatically respond to threats through Lumu’s various out-of-the-box integrations and flexible API options. Through the various attack response options, organizations can leverage their existing firewalls, VPNs, and other tools that have incident response capabilities to quickly mitigate threats by blocking them in real time. This efficiency is designed to free up time and resources so that IT and security teams can focus on other tasks while Lumu provides peace of mind.

The solution is incredibly simple to implement and operate. Organizations in the public sector have the ability to respond with intention.

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