Lookout Products

  • The Data-Centric Cloud Security Platform

    Lookout Cloud Security Platform delivers zero trust security by reducing risk, protecting data and allowing it to move securely. With a centralized dashboard and unified policy framework, security can be applied intelligently and in real time.

  • Cloud Security

    Data-centric cloud security for protecting corporate data in the cloud, on-prem, or on devices. Many organizations are looking to move security controls closer to the users, apps, and data they need to protect. Lookout provides a single, unified vantage point to effortlessly protect sensitive data in motion across apps, networks, and clouds.

  • Lookout Secure Cloud Access

    Protect Your Cloud Apps and Data. Lookout Secure Cloud Access secures access to and protects data stored in your cloud apps. With both inline and api-based security, it provides deep visibility and control over users, data, and apps, keeping workers secure, flexible and productive.

  • Lookout Secure Internet Access

    Protect Against Internet Threats and Data Leakage. Lookout Secure Internet Access is a cloud delivered solution, built on the principles of zero trust, offering inline and API security controls to protect users, networks, and corporate data from Internet based threats.

  • Lookout Secure Private Access

    Protect and Secure Access to Private Apps. Lookout Secure Private Access provides seamless connections to private apps – whether they reside on-premises or in the cloud – all while strengthening your data security posture. A unified solution for providing Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).

  • Endpoint Security

    Endpoint Security Built for a Mobile-first World. One simple, unified solution for comprehensive data protection across any desktop, laptop, or mobile device. No more plugging gaps with incomplete Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions or point product complexity.

  • Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security

    Protect the Devices That Connect Our Professional and Personal Lives. Powered by telemetry from over 175 million mobile apps and 200 million mobile devices, Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security (MES) is designed to address evolving security requirements and protect mobile devices, even as compliance standards expand.

  • Lookout Threat Intelligence

    Stop Cyberattacks Before They Start With Industry-Leading Threat Intelligence. Lookout Threat Intelligence uses the world's largest mobile security dataset to power both our Threat Advisory Service and Mobile EDR solution. Get insights and guidance on what to watch for and what steps to take to strengthen your data protection.