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Modernize Database DevOps at Your Agency with Liquibase

Liquibase brings DevOps to the database for the public sector. The database is often the last mile in modernizing the DevOps process. Whether you are a state agency, university, non-profit, or government entity, you need to balance delivering software quickly with minimizing risk and staying compliant. That’s where Liquibase comes in. Liquibase enables teams use a DevOps approach to database change and deployment.

Liquibase is a trusted open source tool that’s been used around the world for over 15 years. With over 75 million downloads, Liquibase offers organizations expert support and advanced capabilities on top of their open source offering to help standardize the database release process, reduce human errors, and improve code quality. That way, teams can deliver innovation to customers faster with reduced operational cost and risk.

Database developers, DBAs, release managers, and enterprise architects love Liquibase because it works with 33 database platforms and is tool-agnostic — integrating with the tools your team is already using for development and deployment. This enables database schema change automation designed for high-speed CI/CD.

About Liquibase

Liquibase, the company behind the most powerful open source database change automation solution, ensures fast, safe database deployments while making it easy to enforce governance and compliance. Liquibase is used by companies around the world to automate tedious manual, error-prone database deployment processes so that the database team can focus on more important tasks.

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