Lilt Solutions for the Public Sector

Lilt is the next generation of AI translation technology. 

Lilt’s patented, AI-powered neural machine translation technology dramatically improves translation efficiency and accuracy, producing faster, more scalable translations.  Our tool is used to accelerate Human-In-The-Loop (HITL), adaptive translation.  For Human Language Translation (HLT) managers and mission partners, Lilt enables your teams to demonstrably improve their performance in terms of volume, accuracy, and decision making.  Partnering with Lilt, your linguists and analysts will translate more, expedite translation timelines, and maximize impact. 

Key benefits our government clients currently leverage include:

  • Translate larger volumes of content faster

    Our platform’s predictive, adaptive translation suggestions allow human linguists to translate 3-5x faster, or quickly produce large translation volumes via direct machine translation

  • Improve translation quality

    Our software learns adaptively, in real-time, from your team, producing more accurate translations with each word translated and enabling a 70% reduction in errors

  • Improve team performance and optimize output

    LILT’s capability enables your team to limit the repetitive, mundane work, helping them maximize what can be accomplished with limited staff and time.

Our adaptive, neural machine translation is deployed with across the USG (Defense, Fed/Civ, and Intel Community) and FEVY partners, with emphasis on low density languages, deployable requirements, and enterprise wide deployments. 

Key features that LILT offers government translators and analysts include:

  • Machine translations suggestions
  • Auto-population of previously translated phrases
  • Mission-specific terminology
  • Built-in features for translators to research challenging/”never seen before” phrases, idioms, and jargon
  • Our LILT Manage function optimizes how your team assigns projects, tracks completion progress, and measures/improves translator performance