LexisNexis Risk Solutions for the Public Sector

  • MarketView™

    Deliver medical claims-based intelligence to life sciences, providers, pharmacies, healthcare IT and payer organizations across the United States.

  • MarketView™ – Patient Journey Intelligence

    Offer a centralized source of de-identified medical claims data on over 300 million unique patient tokens, tracking the longitudinal journeys of patient cohorts for improved business operations and better patient care.

  • Mortality

    Access comprehensive mortality data from hundreds of sources to enable more accurate and up-to-date reporting of an individual.

  • Motor Vehicle Records

    Evaluate driver histories consistently in all 50 states.

  • One Time Password

    Authenticate a user with a one-time log transaction.

  • Payment Solutions

    Automate payments and reduce cost by taking payments from your community's residents and businesses online, at the counter, on the phone, or on a mobile device.

  • Phone Finder

    Evaluate phone risk such as forwarded, spoofed, or line risk in an automated workflow.

  • Provider Data MasterFile™

    Provide current and comprehensive health care provider, health care entity, and health care facility data from our industry-leading provider information database to make informed and confident business decisions.

  • Provider Data Validation

    Discover a web-based, real-time provider information search service that leverages comprehensive provider data to assist healthcare entities with an efficient means to research new providers, enable claim/service operations, or assist with credentialing and support provider data maintenance.

  • Provider Integrity Scan

    Automate a variety of pre-enrollment provider verification searches and ongoing monitoring post-enrollment options by checking against multiple files and lists, and provides automatic red flag alerts for a wide range of high-risk indicators.

  • ProviderPoint®

    Industry standard solution for healthcare provider data file cleansing, augmentation, and integration.

  • RiskView™ Payment Score

    Accelerate collections results with alternative data.

  • Socioeconomic Health Attributes

    Leverage hundreds of unique, statistically validated individual-level attributes to provide organizations with insights on social drivers of health, improving predictive analytics accuracy and care coordination, and advancing clinical research.

  • Special Investigations Unit

    Comprised of former law enforcement, financial service, retail fraud, national security intelligence and military intelligence analysts that provide real-time investigative and analytical insight based on their specialized and extensive experience at identifying fraud trends and patterns.

  • ThreatMetrix® for Government

    Deploy device risk and online identity assurance decisioning through shared intelligence.

  • TrueID®

    Identity-proof online citizens using proven document authentication capabilities across multiple channels and devices.

  • VitalIQ™

    Simplify and automate vital records management and transactions.