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Nuance Webcast

Dragon Speech Recognition: Increased Productivity and Time

Event Date: June 18, 2020
Hosted By: Nuance & Carahsoft

Dragon Speech Recognition Solutions enable you to keep up with documentation productivity and generate reports with higher detail and accuracy while accelerating professional documentation.

From transcribing committee meetings and correspondence to drafting hearing notes and reports, Dragon Speech Recognition Solutions let you do it all—faster and more efficiently.

View this webinar to explore training topics including: 

  • User profile basics
  • Using a PowerMic
  • Dictation basics
  • Common formatting techniques
  • Making corrections
  • Adding vocabulary words + auto-text
View now and discover the power of your voice!

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Leave fraudsters and identity thieves speechless with Nuance Security and Biometrics.


As Global Accessibility Awareness Day reaches its 10th year, explore some of the ways you can build accessibility into your organization—for employees and customers alike.

Case Study

As one of the largest 311 services in North America, this municipal service platform handles over 20 million calls every year. They streamlined their service by upgrading their IVR to an intelligent, conversational platform with Nuance Natural Language Understanding technology. Now, citizens can ...


Nuance IVR to Digital is an innovative solution for contact centers that optimizes the IVR experience by helping targeted callers move to a digital experience using live chat or virtual assistants.

Engaging the customer in their moment of need One of the key tactics to reduce online abandonment is to ensure that it is easy and convenient to contact a live chat agent. By evaluating the visitor behavior in the digital channel, we can engage with the customer in their moment of need.

Mobile phones are constantly becoming smarter and easier to use, which helps consumers simplify their lives tremendously. Tasks can be completed in their moment-ofneed without wait times, technology hurdles or limitations.

Your customers want proactive outreach from your business. In fact, 85% of consumers are interested in receiving proactive notifications.1 And an astounding 90% of consumers say they are more likely to do business with a company that sends them reminders.

Nuance presents a digital product portfolio for omni-channel customer engagements. Deliver exceptional digital customer engagement and provide exceptional conversations in digital channels on the customer’s terms.

Nuance IVR Tooling Suite helps organizations use the same marketleading tools as Nuance to design, develop, test, and maintain their IVR applications.

Make life easy for customers and tough for fraudsters Nuance Security Suite enables easy and secure authentication by identifying a person based on their human traits; like their voice, fingerprints, face or even how they use their devices. The problem with PINs, passwords and knowledge-bas...