Leaptree Features

Who Is Leaptree Optimize For?

  • AQ/Customer Care Manager

    Apply formalized methods to your customer-centric quality assurance methodologies within the organisation. Customise based on call handling types and ensure adequate data sampling methods are implemented. Surface this information up into actionable QA metrics to drive continuous improvement among your teams.

  • Customer Service/Success Reps

    Receive QA report cards with insightful recommendations to help you improve your customer engagements. Keep track of your progress over time to ensure you are on track with your Key Performance Indicators.

  • Line Manager

    Track interactions with your support teams, comparing high performer engagements to help assessments. Pro-active feedback to support teams to enhance probabilities of ticket closure. Ensure focus on the high priority tickets by leveraging your experience in assessing the customers interactions also.

  • Support Executive

    Receive ongoing guided feedback on ticket assessments to support better closure rates. Enhanced feedback and coaching leads to better overall performance and motivation.

Key Features:

  • Transparency - Provides visibility into individual performance capabilities & responsibilities.
  • Configurable - Build scorecards that work on any object - standard or custom.
  • Instant Feedback - Evaluate scorecards & offer immediate assessment leading to positive reinforcement.
  • Customizable - Create and configure unique Scorecards, Reports and Dashboards.
  • Flexibilty - Pro-active Feedback Options to assist Support Agents and Operations Execs.
  • Measurable - Use scores and metrics to make better, more informed decisions.