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Deliver software faster and reduce risk for government transformation initiatives.

LaunchDarkly is the leader in enterprise-class feature management. The LaunchDarkly platform gives agencies the confidence to continuously develop and deploy the applications and feature enhancements needed for meaningful transformation.

The LaunchDarkly feature management platform delivers the intuitive, fine-grained control agencies need to deploy, release, and migrate off legacy systems. By separating code deployments from feature releases, developers can iterate continuously, deploy faster, and target feature releases—while requiring less infrastructure and overhead.

With LaunchDarkly, government agencies and the contractors that support them can standardize fast releases, mitigate risk, reduce developer cognitive load, eliminate numerous development environments, move to zero-trust architectures, practice “safe” continuous delivery, and modernize DevSecOps initiatives.

As the first truly scalable feature management platform, LaunchDarkly is recognized by leading IT analyst firms Gartner and Forrester as a pioneer of feature management, and as providing a “high” benefit to Agile and DevOps environments.

Feature management allows development teams to innovate faster by transforming how they deliver software to customers and constituents. With the ability to progressively release new software features to any segment of users on any platform, organizations can standardize safe releases at scale, accelerate their journey to the cloud, and foster better collaboration between development and mission teams.

Serving 20 trillion feature flags daily, LaunchDarkly is trusted by over 4,000 organizations globally including CMS, Recreation.gov, IBM, Northern Trust, and Square. Founded in 2014 in Oakland, California by Edith Harbaugh and John Kodumal, LaunchDarkly has been named on the Forbes Cloud 100 list, InfoWorld’s 2021 Technology of the Year list, and the Enterprise Tech 30 list.

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LaunchDarkly at AWS Public Sector Summit 2024

Hosted By: LaunchDarkly & AWS
Carahsoft June 26, 2024