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AI Search Engine for the Public Sector

Kyndi is a global provider of the Kyndi Natural Language Search, an AI-powered solution that delivers unmatched speed and precision in finding answers from text documents. Built as a low-code, easy-to-use solution, Kyndi Natural Language Search brings immediate impact on various business initiatives within government organizations and public service providers. Using Kyndi, agencies can enhance their customer experience by delivering the right answers to citizens every time they have questions, government organizations can improve website engagement by providing relevant content to users every time they search for information, researchers and policy analysts can accelerate policy and procedure search to ensure compliance and minimize risk. Backed by prominent venture investors including Intel Capital and PivotNorth, Kyndi was awarded the winner in Natural Language Processing category by leading research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan for two consecutive years, and was named a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum.

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