Storage Virtualization Software for the Public Sector

Kove provides large memory stores that increase CPU efficiencies and improve performance. Kove's approach enables creating large memory projects that would otherwise not be possible, including dynamic mounting of External Memory. A dynamically created 10 TB server (or 20TB or 50 TB, etc.) is possible with Kove. Jobs can run 1,000s of times faster all in memory, and then the temporarily mounted memory can be released back into the general pool. This permits "right sizing" the amount of memory that is necessary to purchase for an enterprise, thereby reducing cost and creating dynamically enabled big memory footprint servers. In turn, this approach also permits reducing the number of servers necessary to satisfy infrastructures, such as power, cooling, space. 

With a Kove memory infrastructure in place, server memory footprints can be substantially reduced. Kove has improved performance by 37,000% over a supercomputer deployment, and improved visualization rendering by more than 1,000,000%, reduced 185 minute data processing jobs to 4 minutes, run jobs taking 2.5 hours on 175 servers in 8.5 minutes on 4 servers. Customers have saved millions (and tens of millions) of dollars a year in capex and opex savings, if cost savings or resource constraints are of interest. Kove products provide the lowest latency, highest determinacy, and highest bandwidth I/O in the world. Customers can generate multi-terabyte per second bandwidth in a few racks of equipment. Kove memory products accelerate virtually every database technology ever evaluated, including Sybase, Informix, Oracle, KDB+, McObject, ParAcell , Versant. 

Kove holds numerous world records in Financial Services, and has the lowest latency, highest bandwidth, highest IOPS available in the world. Kove products provide the fastest, most consistent I/O in the world, for years running. Kove products are perfect complements for accelerating big data performance crunching, providing dynamically allocated burst buffers, providing fast file caches and scratch space, among any other high performance storage or high performance memory extension needs.

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