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Proactively Find And Resolve Workplace Safety Incidents with Kogniz

Employee safety has emerged as a critical category. It has been accelerated by Covid-19 and cemented by new regulatory standards, and accelerating economic injury and productivity losses sustained due to employee injuries.

Current practices are manual and reactive. Preventing and managing health and safety incidents is paramount to keeping businesses open and productivity high. Additionally, companies risk massive fines and lawsuits by not proactively putting standardized procedures in place to increase employee safety. Technologies that can automate these practices represent a $20b market opportunity.

In response, Kogniz has developed the first computer vision-driven predictive safety platform, Kogniz AssureAI, using a unique combination of SaaS and edge processing to prevent, manage and resolve safety incidents in the workplace. The company onboarded public sector customers in 2020 and 2021, State of GA, GA Department of Revenue, DC Government, City of Charlotte, to name a few. Kogniz sells its solution across all federal, state and local governments, education and commercial businesses.