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Learn Simply. Work Confidently.

JumpSeat is a digital adoption platform that provides an efficient, effective, and permanent fix for one of the biggest challenge areas of technology implementation. It supplies users with customized, role-based learning experiences that adapt to their needs to drive learning, understanding, and adoption.

JumpSeat helps organizations realize the value of their SaaS investments by driving full application adoption. JumpSeats in-flight training that provides real-time guidance on any web-based technology platform. Through Guides, Wayfinding, Notifications and User Analytics you can unlock the value of their SaaS solutions. JumpSeat is securely hosted in the Amazon GovCloud and complies with top industry standards; providing an exclusive U.S. Public Sector environment for all federal, state, local government customers.

Key Features:

  1. Drive Adoption: In-app walkthroughs and targeted messaging improves feature adoption.
  2. Increase Productivity and Reduce Errors: Reinforce training and keep your team happy and successful.
  3. Ease Implementation: Innovate faster and smarter with context-aware help and guidance.
  4. Engage Your Employees: Show your users how to use the software in the most efficient way.

Take Flight today with JumpSeat! Visit our website at jumpseat.io for more information.

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