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U.S. 5G Leadership is Here

As the world adopts 5G and private wireless networks to reshape mobile connectivity, JMA Wireless is helping to fill the void in American leadership of wireless innovation.

5G technology is increasingly important for smart city initiatives, citizen connectivity and national security. Because of this, the race to deploy 5G will only accelerate over the next decade. That’s why the ability of American companies to support public efforts to strengthen the nation’s warfighting capabilities, as well as U.S. economic competitiveness is so essential.

5G will usher in a breathtaking new frontier of technological possibilities and JMA is making that transition seamless for enterprises and government users with virtualized private wireless solutions that are turnkey operable. Existing IT personnel can manage the network with just basic training, providing public sector workers and military personnel an opportunity to learn and evolve new core skillsets for a rapidly evolving world.