Jive Solutions for the Public Sector


  • Jive-n: Employee collaboration software that drives strategic alignment and employee productivity.

  • Jive-x: Customer and partner communities that drive brand affinity, better service and lower costs.


  • Interactive Intranet

    Interactive intranets are the latest evolutionary leap for intranets. Powered by Jive-n, they combine the capabilities of traditional intranets (top-down corporate communications and structured content hierarchy) with new collaborative and interactive features (two-way communications, networking and rich conversation across all levels), a people directory, and integrations with other key apps and systems. The result is one environment where people can connect, stay informed, work together and get their jobs done using desktop and mobile devices.

  • Employee Engagement

    Targeted at HR and Corp Comm professionals, the Employee Engagement Solution delivers an an interactive intranet that empowers, delights and unites a workforce. It improves everything from onboarding to training and collaboration, and it fosters a deep sense of connection that helps attract, develop and retain top talent. Companies using Jive report a 38% increase in employee satisfaction and 24% decrease in turnover on average.

  • Customer Engagement

    The customer engagement and affinity marketing solution transforms customers into advocates. In an era when marketing needs to get personal, Jive lets you engage directly and authentically – with thousands or millions of people at a time. From product discovery and research through purchasing and post-sales support, Jive customer communities provide a digital hub for every stage of the customer journey, delivering great experiences that drive loyalty and brand advocacy.

Industry Focused Solutions

  • Healthcare
    Clinicians struggle with numerous obstacles to delivering value-based patient care, including disconnected collaboration tools, difficult-to-use health record systems, and an inability to stay informed across the healthcare systems they’re affiliated with. Jive connects clinicians and shatters silos, enabling fluid collaboration and communications across every part of your health system

  • Government
    Jive’s highly secure communication and collaboration platform fundamentally improves the way people interact and work. Fluid collaboration, consolidated information and access to diverse expertise enhance both the quality and the timeliness of agency work, while driving new efficiencies and substantial cost savings. This transformation is bringing profound changes to the government sector, just as it has in the private sector

  • Financial Services

    Jive allows financial services organizations to gain a competitive advantage by accelerating business with a secure communication and collaboration hub designed to align your digital workforce, partners and customers