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Since IronNet was founded in 2014, our mission has been to deliver the power of collective cybersecurity to defend companies, sectors and nations so that we all can live and work with peace of mind in cyberspace. Today, organizations around the world turn to IronNet to detect known and unknown cyber threat targets in their networks and share that information with peers so that all members can collectively defend against that threat. Our team consists of expert offensive and defensive cybersecurity operations with unmatched experience defending commercial and government networks against advanced threats.

IronNet’s IronDome provides Collective Defense capabilities that enhance the ability of small to medium enterprises, agencies and governments to better defend against sophisticated threats. Many of the IronNet staff have served in the armed forces or other federal positions. We are proud to offer products that have been certified for federal customer use. IronNet is also regi stered with The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Continuous Diagnostics & Monitoring (CDM) program recognizing cybersecurity tools and sensors that are reviewed by the DHS program for conformance with Section 508, federal license users and CDM technical requirements.

IronNet in 2018 received two separate acceptances/approvals for the DHS Continuous Diagnostics & Monitoring Approved Products List (CDM APL) for IronDefense (IRO-0002-20180103) and IronDome (IRO-0004-20180405).


IronLens May Edition: IronNet's Threat Intelligence Report

As part of the IronNet Cyber Operations Center (CyOC) team, I am part of the team that creates threat intelligence rules to accelerate threat detection at our customers’ sites. We are committed to doing threat detection groundwork that can help overcome cybersecurity shortages while also alleviating “alert fatigue” at our customers’ in-house SOCs. Collective Defense is our unique collaborative approach. Learn More...

Winning the cyber war with Collective Defense

Fortnite got it right: When it comes to defending against cyber attacks, we need to do battle as a team. A couple years ago when I witnessed my 16 grandchildren scattered throughout the house playing the game, I realized something: Even if they had been playing from their respective homes, they would have still been collaborating and strategizing, just as effectively, to survive on the island. This was collective defense at work. Learn More...

Is your data secure in a Collective Defense ecosystem?

If you know one thing about IronNet you know this: we believe in Collective Defense. And while the benefits of this approach are well documented, misconceptions remain. In a previous post by IronNet Senior Security Strategist Greg Conti, we examined the misconception that working together in a Collective Defense system diminishes your competitive advantage. We now understand that no organization is equipped to defend alone against cyber attacks. Threat information isn’t a competitive advantage; instead, it benefits the sector at large by keeping the shared cyber landscape healthy. Learn More...

Russian cyber attack campaigns and actors

Some of the most notorious actors in the cyber threat landscape have been traced back to sponsorship by the Russian state. As the digital revolution has accelerated, so, too, has the Russian cyber attack landscape — hold-over Cold War tactics that evolved to take advantage of new electronic methods of communication. Strategic Russian interests are guided by the desires for Russia to be recognized as a great power, to protect the Russian identity, and to limit global United States power. Learn More...

IronDefense integrations: Detection without disruption

When considering the latest tech widget, do you ever ask yourself, “Why should I change?” "Will adopting this new technology, as advertised, make my life better or will it also undoubtedly introduce friction, a new workflow, or training that I do not have the time or patience for?" Again, the why takes over. For example, why should I start using a Roomba to clean my house when the vacuum cleaner I own already works just fine? On top of that, I have no idea how it will work with kids, dogs, and stairs. Learn More...


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Founded by General (Ret.) Keith Alexander, former Director of the U.S. National Security Agency and Commander of U.S. Cyber Command, IronNet brings together a team of highly experienced strategic, operational, and technical cybersecurity experts to develop and deliver outstanding cybersecurity produ...


It’s one of the biggest paradoxes in technology today. Organizations are on pace to spend more than $120B in 2019 on cybersecurity products and services. Yet today’s headlines show that despite the record level of investment, industries continue to experience more cybersecurity breaches and inci...

Product Brief

IronDome is the industry’s first automated solution that links industry peers, supply chains, and regions within a common defense architecture to allow public and private enterprises to work together to strengthen cyber defense. Our solution enables secure, anonymous sharing of threat insights and...

Solutions Brief

IronDefense is IronNet’s massively scalable Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) platform that leverages advanced behavioral analysis and integrated hunt to detect cyber threats capable of evading traditional cyber security tools. Read this product brief to learn more.