Intermap Technologies Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Orion Platform

    Governments and commercial enterprises can seamlessly manage their entire spatial data infrastructure from one unified control point by choosing the products and services that are right for them based on their scope, budget and timeline.

  • Geospatial Audit and Consulting Services

    Defining and implementing geospatial business processes, requirements, database design, and overall geospatial enterprise integration that with help you on your journey to innovative solutions for rapid improvements in operational performance and management.

  • Data Acquisition

    Custom airborne and spaceborne techniques to help you create solutions for commercial, governmental, and defense applications. We consult with you to customize and deliver the most cost-effective solution, regardless of map scale.

  • NEXTMap

    NEXTMap high-resolution data provides optimized, multi-sensor-derived digital elevation data and orthorectified radar images to enable accurate geospatial analyses.

  • NEXTMap World 30

    This 30-meter DSM is a seamless, void-free and global, digital surface model will give planners the accuracy they need. Industries which can benefit from our product include, but are not limited to, agriculture, telecommunications, energy, risk planning, and water management.

  • Data Fusion

    Fusing multiple dataset sources into a unified solution.

  • GeoPro

    Intermap’s server software product is designed to serve disparate spatial information and analytics to end users of Web and desktop applications.

  • InsitePro

    This software combines cutting-edge modeling and best-of-class terrain data into an effective solution for everyone that allows users to analyze, visualize, and present risk on thousands of locations against a variety of perils.

  • Delivery Services

    Intermap offers an array of delivery systems for your solution including Web Services, APIs, the NEXTMap WebStore, and other options.