Intensity Analytics Forcepoint Insider Threat Integration

Forcepoint Insider Threat provides risk scoring and analysis for user behavior to protect systems and data from malicious or accidental threats. It includes extensive capabilities to enforce policy and support regulatory compliance, visualize risks, replay user activities through a DVR-like interface, and supply forensic analysis with detailed information about user behavior. Through integration with Forcepoint DLP, data can be classified and protected as part of an insider threat remediation program.

forcepoint threat integration.png

Of course, a critical component to insider threat analysis is identifying the physical people using the devices. To deliver this insight, Forcepoint built the TickStream.CV capture engine directly into the desktop Forcepoint Insider Threat client, and it runs on any platform supported by Forcepoint. The TickStream.CV analysis runs against the data collected by the Forcepoint client, and the results can be consumed through a standard REST API.