What Intel DCM can do?

Improve data center sustainability by optimizing energy usage, reducing waste, and monitoring carbon emissions

Ensure compliance with regulations by complying with regulations around energy efficiency and sustainability

Simplify data center management by using Intel® DCM’s simple-to-use user interface that provides a single pane of glass for your entire environment

Increase data center resiliency and uptime by monitoring data center health, power, and thermals in real time and providing alerts and notifications

Identify underutilized servers by automatically analyzing server utilization

Avoid expensive PDUs and smart power strips by connecting directly to servers for power monitoring and control

Justify procurement decisions by identifying devices that are getting old or are reaching their warranty expiration, or impacting sustainability objectives

Visualize data center operations by using Intel DCM’s data center layouts and granular thermal maps

Increase rack densities by creating power policies based on historical power consumption

Create power-aware applications by using Intel DCM’s RESTful APIs to get power data programmatically

Optimize cooling efficiency by identifying overcooled rooms and pinpointing thermal hotspots

Forecast data center capacity by monitoring and analyzing power, utilization, carbon emissions, and layout data

Reduce data center OPEX by making informed decisions based on detailed energy usage

Streamline server provisioning by performing remote server firmware updates in batches*

Generate comprehensive reports by using Intel DCM's centralized reporting tools, you can centralize reporting processes and gain a comprehensive view of your entire infrastructure