Discover how Instabase turns your most complex documents into actionable data

Federal agencies need to digitize and exploit their vast stores of unstructured data quickly and efficiently to improve their customer experience, manage supply chains and procurement operations, comply with electronic records mandates, and meet other operational imperatives.

Instabase dramatically reduces the time and expense that agencies currently spend on manually entering unstructured data from a wide variety of documents, emails, call logs, and other data sources.

Only Instabase combines these three important pillars. It is:

  • Highly accurate, because its combination of market and patented deep learning algorithms require far less training samples, works across a wide array of highly variable documents and data sources, and ensures continuous innovation for organizations that need to keep pace with the state of technology.
  • Infinitely modular, so agencies can use the best-in-class low and pro code capabilities tailored for the mission at hand and anyone can easily build custom solutions across the enterprise, reducing time-to-value from months to days;
  • Highly scalable, so that anyone across the agency enterprise or even across agencies can share and reuse solutions and solution components.


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