InQuisient’s integrated enterprise data management platform creates order from chaos, enabling the timely, multilateral flow of knowledge across all operational levels, to help government IT departments manage and track their data from one single system. The web-based user interface is accessible 24/7, enabling real-time updates and report generation. Executives have one seamless view of information – from the organization’s vision, through the Enterprise Architecture that enables it, into the IT portfolio stack and the program portfolio that funds the changes – enabling business transformation at the speed of your mission.

InQuisient’s enterprise data management platform helps you solve big problems:

  • Establishes a broad based data and truth driven tool set that transforms the Enterprise Architecture (EA) into an active reporting and analysis tool.
  • As a Portfolio Management tool, provides for full control and information capable of scaling to billions of dollars of interrelated systems and tying budget action to the approved EA itself.
  • Provides a dynamic dashboard for each system user, driven by a flexible security aperture, ensuring users have immediate access to the data they want to see, in a manner they want to see it.
  • Transforms EA and IT Portfolio Management processes into advanced interactive visualizations, enabling real-time health assessments and confident rapid decisions.

The user-driven, browser-based InQuisient platform provides a clear chain of custody along with the highest standards of data security and integrity. With more than a decade of development and successful implementations across U.S. Federal Government and Fortune 500 companies, InQuisient is trusted by the nation’s most discerning organizations.

InQuisient’s software is in wide use in the DoD via the deployment at the Deputy Chief Management Office (DCMO) at OSD. Through the InQuisient deployment at the DCMO office, the DoD is using the InQuisient Platform every day to implement the DoD department-level EA. At the DCMO in 2016, the InQuisient Software, in its EA function for the DoD:

  • Administrated over 1,500 named users
  • Tracked over 8,000 IT Systems from all services and agencies in DoD
  • Performed over 20,000 assessments of those systems supporting DoD BEA Portfolio decision-making
  • Managed in excess of $5 Billion of DoD BEA IT system investments

In short, in implementing the DoD BEA, InQuisient technology manages more IT Projects and affects more IT Project dollars than any other EA system in the world.


SEWP Contracts


Contract Number: Group A Small: NNG15SC03B Group D Other Than Small: NNG15SC27B Term: May 1, 2015 - May 1, 2025

State & Local Contracts


Contract # CMAS 3-12-70-2247E Term: through March 31, 2022



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InQuisient’s IQ Architect benefits leaders and team members across the organization, including:Agency LeadershipSystem ArchitectsCIOs, CTOs and COOsIT Portfolio ManagersProgram Managers

IQ Asset Manager analyzes your IT asset data to enhance architecture assessments and reduce material weaknesses, delivering authoritative data to ensure approved/unapproved lists are actionable.

Major defense organization streamlines investment review process with InQuisient's intelligent data platform and tools for faster and more efficient decisions.

IQ FITARA A Plus benefits leadership and IT departments at every government agency required to comply with the FITARA mandate, including:Agency LeadershipCIOs, CTOs and COOsProject Portfolio ManagersProgram ManagersProject ManagersChief Business Investment OfficersData Analysts

InQuisient is helping enterprise organizations bring harmony to their complex corporate data matrix with a smart and systematic flow of information facilitated by a data driven and user-integrated platform for the relational foundation.

IQ Portfolio Insight enables one seamless view of information for the C-Suite - from the organization’s vision, through the Enterprise Architecture that enables it, into the IT portfolio stack and the program portfolio that funds the changes – enabling business transformation at the speed of you...

InQuisient’s IQ Strategic Planner benefits leaders and team members across the organization, including:Agency LeadershipProject ManagersStrategists and Strategy ManagersCIOs, CTOs and COOsData Analysts


The InQuisient platform ensures integrity of such data through a configuration of system abilities including document and metadata management, helping organizations to better understand their data and what software manipulates that data.