Informatix, Inc. Solutions for the Public Sector

  • RAPID® Capture

    RAPID® is a mailroom component leveraging OPEX single-stage mail-open/image-capture product for converting physical paper into digital envelopes for RAPID Collections to process. RAPID™ OPEX jobs are configured to direct the digital envelopes to the requisite RAPID™ application for processing without needing to presort by payment source or type.

    Any type of document, form, or correspondence enters RAPID via the Capture module, and is sent to the Correspondence queue for identification and indexing for further workflow requirements. RAPID Capture also accepts EFT/ACH and EDI payments in NACHA file formats, converted cash from Kiosk, PayNearMe, MoneyGram, and card posting files from all channels (Web, IVR, Text, email, mobile, PayPal, Venmo, social media) and normalizes the data in digital envelopes for RAPID™ collections to process.

  • RAPID® Collections

    RAPID® Collections automates the data capture process for all paper-based, electronic funds transfer (EFT) and international EFT/EDI payments, while reducing the time spent posting and researching child support payments. The solution is powered by several components.

    • Automated Financial Data Capture: RAPID™ Collections incorporates two proven, third party check readers (Parascript CheckPlus) that use Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) technology to capture financial data from check images and provide confidence scores about the quality of the reads. RAPID™ Collections interfaces with the check readers to compile results and associate them with payments in the system for further processing. RAPID™ Collections requires high confidence scores and identical results from both readers to allow straight through processing. This virtually eliminates misreads.
    • Automated Remittance Data Capture: RAPID™ Collections incorporates Intelligent Character Recognition, and zonal recognition engines to automate the capture of payment data from remittance images.
    • Intelligent Remittance Recognition (IRR) RAPID™Collections takes the recognition and layout data supplied by the ICR engine and asserts these details as facts into the system rules engine. The rule set is then executed. The rules are designed to automatically identify case, participant and payment data without using templates and traditional rope and zone techniques. Once the remittance data is recognized, it is simultaneously validated against a positive file index that is created from a case extract provided by a variety of case management and enterprise resource planning systems PACSS. IRR is patented by Informatix; no other vendor can offer you this solution. In addition to remittance, correspondence and forms are also recognized automatically, along with staff recognition, and processed through a separate correspondence workflow without delaying payments.

    RAPID™ Collections also automates Exceptions Research processing, End of Day Reconciliation, Digital Image Cash Letter (ICL) Encoding, Digital ICL Deposits (multiple per day), Collections Extracts to the source system, (multiple per day if allowed) and populating the iDocStore™ Image Archive or any other third-party Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS).

  • RAPID® Web

    RAPID® Web provides Custodial Parents (CPs), Non-Custodial Parents (NCPs), and Employers the ability to perform online self-service actions. CPs can locate information related to payments on their specific case, update information, or sign up for services such as direct deposit and have link to their debit card Web or Mobile app; NCPs can view their payment history and receive/view digital copies of their monthly statements/coupons. Employers will have access to all the EFT outreach materials to encourage electronic payment alternatives. This public-facing web portal provides a user-friendly web page for easy access to information.

  • RAPID® iPayOnline

    This web payment application is available to registered and non-registered users, including parents who pay, parents/persons who receive, and employers. It supports child support payments by credit/debit card via Web, Tel IVR and Mobile and ACH Debit (e‑Check, with automatic bank account verification) via Web and Tel IVR.

    The web portal includes a user-friendly web page that provides ability to perform online self-service actions, including:

    • Make electronic payments by Automated Clearing House (ACH) debit, PIN-less Visa and MasterCard branded debit cards, Visa and MasterCard credit cards, and Digital Wallets (ApplePay, GooglePay, etc).
    • Modify recurring payment schedule
    • View payment history
    • Manage payment profiles


    RAPID® CRM provides Payors, Payees, Local agencies, Employers, and other states with the highest levels of customer service satisfaction.

    RAPID® CRM provides a unified, omnichannel (agent, IVR, email, web, messaging, social media) customer service experience integrating interactive voice response, customer service calls, and email requests. Each activity will be tracked and reported for monitoring, resolution, quality assurance and reporting

  • RAPID® iDocStore

    iDocStore™ is the RAPID® module that archives all scanned images to a repository where they are indexed and made searchable through robust search capabilities. iDocStore™ also is accessible via web browser that will allow unlimited authorized users to perform both simple and highly complex searches, including wildcard searches.

    All images—checks, remittances, invoices, correspondence and envelopes (including electronic payments) entering the RAPID™ system are imported into the image archive automatically including the entire audit trail from scanning to extraction. Additional audit trail for these items is added incrementally, at an interval that is configurable in the system, throughout the life of the image in the archive. Information and data within the RAPID™ iDocStore are searchable to authorized users. All correspondence is identified by type and visible to its associated county. The images are indexed to the case and county so the county can look up only those images pertaining to the county.

  • RAPID® Data Interchange

    RAPID® Data Interchange is a sophisticated and comprehensive platform for building interfaces to foreign systems and for handling the secure exchange of data between RAPID and those other systems. RAPIDData Interchange provides support for traditional file management and job scheduling. The file management system sends, retrieves, and locates files on remote and distant networks. It manages the inbound and outbound file transfers using a robust and highly configurable systems integration engine that supports all manner of extract/transform/load scenarios. Moreover, in a world where compute systems are becoming ever-increasingly event-based and real-time, RAPID Data Interchange is also capable of interoperating securely with systems that communicate and expose services via Web Service API, messaging middleware or Enterprise Server Bus

  • RAPID® Disbursement

    RAPID® Disbursement encompasses the entire disbursement process from receipt of the disbursement instructions from the source system to the disbursement of paper and electronic payments. RAPID™ Disbursement allows all disbursements to be processed on the same day the disbursement instructions are received.

    The solution offers a debit card payouts to participants. Payees will be able to access debit card information via the Web, Tel IVR, and mobile app.

    RAPID® Disbursement provides the ability to take the disbursement instructions from any CSE System and select the chosen option for the customer, driving almost all disbursements to an electronic payment method.

    This API driven solution allows each customer to operate in one of two modes, 1) with the source system providing the disbursement method, or 2) with RAPID™ determining the disbursement method based on the self-service selection by the recipient of how they want to receive the payment distribution. The CSE disbursement record is updated once the disbursement has been sent.

    RAPID®Disbursement allows the vast majority of electronic disbursements to be processed on the same day the disbursement instructions are received with the ability to disburse to:

    1. Direct deposit to recipient bank accounts,

    2. Program Issued Debit Cards (e.g., ReliaCard)

    3. Non-Program Prepaid Debit Cards (e.g., NetSpend, Greenlight, Chime, SMIOne, EPPIcard etc.).

    4. Virtual Debit Cards (no physical cards issued; digital wallet based)

    5. Mobile wallets (e.g., PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay)

    6. eGift Cards (30+ brands, including Amazon and Google)

    7. Cash Pickup

    RAPID® Disbursement also provides CSSD with the capability to send both physical and digital notices, billing statements, coupons and any other case or participant specific documents to be made available to participants either via web, mobile app or directly in their mobile wallet of choice (e.g., PayPal) where they can receive, review, and pay for all of their selected invoices/billing statements.

    RAPID® Disbursement also provides the SDU with the capability to print checks, and if necessary, any other materials (e.g., monthly billing statements and coupons, notices etc.), insert the printed documents into windowed envelopes, metering the envelopes in preparation for mailing, calculating and recording the postage at the lowest rates possible.