Informatica Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Intelligent Cloud Services

    Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) is a next-generation iPaaS solution designed for data integration, application integration, and data management initiatives across a multi-cloud, hybrid landscape. Designed for the modern enterprise, it empowers the full spectrum of users in business and IT. It’s the first iPaaS to leverage an intelligent data catalog, and provide certified compliance with SOC2, SOC3, HIPAA, and more.

  • Intelligent Data Integration

    Whether your data is multi-cloud, hybrid, or on-premises, our hybrid data integration products integrate all your data and applications, in batch or real-time. Integrate data and applications in minutes and support new and complex integration patterns easily. Get high performance, reliability, and near-universal connectivity for your mission-critical business processes.

  • Intelligent Data Quality

    Whether your data is in relational databases, transactional applications, or data lakes in multi-cloud, hybrid, or on-premises environments, our data cleansing capabilities ensure high quality and consistency, in batch or real-time. Informatica provides the right user experience, deployment model, and functionality with AI-powered automation to scale to any need.

  • Intelligent Data Catalog

    Before you can get value from your data, you must find and understand your data. Data is growing too fast for manual stewardship. Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog is an AI-powered discovery and cataloging solution that helps you intelligently scale in step with exponential data growth, to create a metadata system of record across the enterprise.

  • Intelligent Master Data Management

    Whatever your business objectives, a single, trusted view of data ensures better business outcomes. Informatica provides packaged 360-degree solutions for Customer, Product, Supplier and Reference data, built on the industry’s most comprehensive, enterprise multi-domain MDM capabilities. Our AI-powered innovation automates and simplifies mastering your data whether it is multi-cloud, hybrid, or on-premises.

  • Intelligent Data Governance

    Informatica Axon Data Governance helps organizations democratize data in a governed and compliant manner. We provide the industry’s first data marketplace utilizing market-leading data quality, metadata management, and data privacy capabilities. AI-powered automation helps you cost-effectively scale data curation and delivery so you can empower the entire organization with trusted information.

  • Intelligent Data Privacy

    New and expanded data privacy laws are a challenge for today’s enterprises, which have more data, across more sources deployed in multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments. Informatica Data Privacy Management helps organizations protect their data in a constantly changing environment. Our comprehensive, AI-powered capabilities discover personal and sensitive data, link it to individual subjects, monitor data movement, analyze risk, remediate problems, and simplify subject access requests.

  • Intelligent Data Engineering

    Whether it’s cloud data lakes with Spark and Kafka or on-premises lakes with Hadoop, Informatica’s comprehensive data engineering portfolio provides everything you need to prepare and process workloads for AI and analytics. Our market leading, enterprise capabilities include cataloging, mass ingestion, integration, streaming, quality, masking, and data preparation. AI-powered automation enables you to operationalize your data pipelines to drive faster analytics and data science projects.