If your defensive measures fail, how will you detect and respond to an attack?

Infocyte’s sophisticated endpoint detection and response platform patrols your network and alerts you to suspicious activity. Armed with the context behind why an alert was raised to your attention (for example, was this a concerning sequence of behaviors? Or, was there activity logged from a known suspicious IP address?), you’ll be empowered to quickly respond to security incidents in your environment.

What if you don’t have the internal bandwidth to have eyes on your alerts 24x7x365?

Few organizations do have this capability internally! For this reason, threat actors often attack in the middle of the night or on holidays, hoping that any incident response team you have will be unavailable. Our Command service level (commonly known as managed detection and response) is designed to support you around the clock. Experienced analysts will monitor your alerts and respond appropriately, even while your team sleeps.

Does your team run on Microsoft 365?

When they are implemented and configured properly, Microsoft’s defined security measures and best practices provide excellent protection. However, most organizations don’t have those protocols consistently deployed well. Infocyte’s Microsoft 365 Security Compliance Module provides insight into where your configurations conflict with best practices and keeps you in the loop if a configuration changes.

Deployment is easy.

Infocyte provides a unique SaaS-based agentless platform which allows agencies to add these capabilities without the need to replace their existing security platform or add additional software or agents to their end-points.