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Infoblox delivers network control solutions, the fundamental technology that connects end users, devices, and networks. These solutions enable the Federal Government—including DOD organizations and every cabinet-level agency—to transform, secure, and scale complex networks. Infoblox helps take complex network control out of human hands, reduce costs, and increase security, accuracy, and uptime.

From discovery, real-time configuration and change management, and regulatory compliance to DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (IPAM), our technology provides visibility and control. Our patented Infoblox Grid™ delivers high availability and provides an authoritative network database for real-time and historical reporting. Our purpose-built DNS security solutions defend against a wider range of threats than any other product available, providing intelligent threat analysis and continuous diagnostics and mitigation of DNS based attacks. And our solutions are IPv6 enabled for compliance with OMB mandates.

Infoblox is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and has operations in over 25 countries.

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GSA Schedule 70

Dec 20, 2011- Dec 19, 2016


May 01, 2015- Apr 30, 2020

State and Local


Aug 28, 2012- Dec 19, 2016

City of Seattle Contract

Jul 11, 2014- Dec 19, 2016

Department of General Services PA - Symantec

May 01, 2009- Jun 17, 2017

District of Columbia Cloud Solutions Contract- NASPO

Apr 09, 2019- Sep 16, 2026
*Additional Option Years Available

Fairfax County IT Hardware, Software, & Services

Oct 04, 2015- Oct 04, 2020

National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA)

NCPA 01-86
Apr 11, 2016- Apr 30, 2019

North Carolina Mass Storage Contract 204X

Oct 01, 2018- Jun 30, 2023
*Additional Option Years Available

Orange County National IPA Co-Op

Jun 01, 2015- May 31, 2018

Pennsylvania COSTARS-3 IT Hardware Contract

Jul 18, 2017- Jul 18, 2021

Pennsylvania COSTARS-6 IT Software Contract

Aug 31, 2017- Aug 31, 2019

State of California Cloud Solutions Contract- NASPO

Sep 15, 2017- Sep 15, 2026
*Additional Option Years Available

State of Delaware Cloud Solutions Contract- NASPO

Jun 30, 2017- Sep 15, 2026
*Additional Option Years Available

Texas DIR-CPO-4444

Jan 28, 2020- Jan 23, 2022
*Additional Option Years Available

Texas DIR-TSO-4288

Feb 22, 2019- Feb 21, 2021


Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC)

Aug 10, 2019- Jun 30, 2022
*Additional Option Years Available

NJSBA Contract

Oct 20, 2015- Oct 20, 2020

The Quilt

MSA - 05012019F
Apr 01, 2016- Mar 31, 2019


May 02, 2014- Dec 19, 2016


Archived Events


Latest News

Infoblox Inc., the leader in Secure Cloud-Managed Network Services, today announced it has been added to the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) ValuePoint Cloud Solutions ...
Evaluating vendor certifications to ensure the integrity of your supply chain is not a simple task. Over the next several weeks I will outline why it is important, what Infoblox is doing to help its ...



Security, availability, and integrity are the top three concerns regarding DNS infrastructure. Attackers seek weakest links and pressure points to harm or illegally exploit businesses, and by its very nature, the Domain Name System (DNS) protocol is easy to exploit. As a result, external and inte...

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As organizations seek more effective ways to combat cyberthreats, a new category of security solutions is gaining traction. Known as security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR), these platforms are designed to make diverse security tools and systems work better together to accelerate thre...


Infoblox Threat Intelligence Data Exchange (TIDE) for ActiveTrust® uses highly accurate machine-readable threat intelligence data via a flexible Threat Intelligence Data Exchange (TIDE) to aggregate, curate and enable distribution of data across a broad range of infrastructure. ActiveTrust TIDE pro...



Whether it’s the Internet at large or your directory services based network, DNS is the glue that holds it all together. A simple DNS failure can translate into a business failure as well. If DNS isn’t working right, computers simply cannot talk with one another, leading to a “business blackou...

You need to protect your network infrastructure to ensure your applications and services remain available. And at the heart of that protection is your DNS-the #1 target of cyber attackers. Download the solution note Infrastructure Protection and read about the challenges in maintaining availability....

Cyber attacks on Domain Name System (DNS) servers represent one of the most significant threats to Internet security today. Because DNS is used by nearly all networked applications – including email, Web browsing, ecommerce, Internet telephony, and more – these types of attacks threaten the v...

The customer:
An IT organization within the U.S. Department of Defense
The challenge:
Deploy servers quickly in an environment where introducing new hardware is difficult Unify DNS management Offer single sign-on Employ role-based access Lay the ground work for an elastic private clo...