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Eliminate Fraud and Modernize Government with Incode’s Privacy-Centric Solutions for Identity Verification

Incode Technologies (Incode) is a leading identity company that is reinventing the way humans verify their identity and interact with governments, banks, fintechs, and resorts across the world with a highly secure, frictionless customer-focused experience. Incode is based in San Francisco with offices in Europe and Latin America.

Incode’s Omni platform is an end-to-end, fully automated identity verification solution that enables seamless access across multiple channels with products focused on onboarding, authentication, and payment verification that increase conversion and reduce fraud. 

Recognized as a leader in enterprise-grade facial recognition technology by the US Government’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Incode is building the customer experience of the future with a set of proprietary, machine learning, computer vision, anti-fraud, and digital onboarding components.

Public sector organizations can enable secure citizen digital identities with Incode’s Omni suite, including:

  • Document authentication: Fully automated document authentication functionality, powered by  machine learning and artificial intelligence, leveraging OCR readability, image quality checks, and ID classification on the edge. 
  • Passive liveness: First company in the world to achieve iBeta certification for passive liveness according to NIST’s qualification criteria for passive liveness
  • Facial recognition: Top ranked by NIST for speed and accuracy, Incode’s facial recognition technology compares biometric templates that cannot be reverse engineered

Incode positions our partners to:

  • Eliminate Fraud
    Incode Omni uses biometric verification to confirm a person’s identity with near total confidence. The entire verification process is fast, easy, and secure all while providing the end user a low friction, intuitive onboarding experience.
  • Deliver Results to Agencies and Users Quickly and Securely
    Many identity verification solutions still require users to create accounts and upload documents containing personal information so humans, often in remote call centers, can verify the identity. This creates privacy risks and generates unnecessary delays in the verification process that can take minutes, days, or weeks for results. Incode Omni’s architecture and design enables real-time identity verification without unnecessarily exposing private data to untraceable people and companies.
  • Promote Adoption by Simplifying Enrollment
    Incode Omni is easy for citizen and resident applicants, regardless of their technical abilities and without comprising security and compliance. 
  • Maintain Public Trust by Securely Managing Data
    Incode’s solutions reduce risk and ensure that agencies maintain user trust. Incode Omni limits human interaction with user data. Electronic identity verification is inherently more secure and more reliable than human verification, and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) constantly improve to address new challenges.

Incode Omni also limits data storage and movement. Our service eliminates the need for individual user accounts for data collection, and provides necessary confidence for providers and users in today’s environment of highly sensitive data. By not retaining such data in the first place, we reduce the chance of sensitive data being moved, shared outside intended boundaries, sold, or marketed.


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