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Automated Access Governance Solutions for Government

Identity Automation provides Identity, Data, and Access Management solutions for government and education customers. Our software products are the most scalable, cost effective, easy to implement, and easy to use on the market.

Access Request Management System

The Access Request Management System (ARMS) is the premier end-user facing Identity Management tool on the market. ARMS combines an intuitive, simple to use interface with the power and functionality to manage identity and access in the most complex environments.

ARMS is a suite of tools made up of multiple modules, each designed to handle specific facets of the Identity life cycle. These modules are seamlessly integrated to provide flow from one module to the next.

Data Synchronization System

The Data Synchronization System (DSS) is an application with a built-in tool-set that can move, transform, and validate data between otherwise disparate systems. This system can be used to build IDM (Identity Management), EAI (Enterprise Application Integration), ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), and Configuration Management solutions. DSS also has a powerful reporting engine that allows for real-time reporting against the data assets housed in your connected systems.

Federated Identity Management System

The Federated Identity Management System is a ready to use SAML Identity Provider for those who want to implement federated, single sign-on without turning control of their user credentials to a third party.

Folder Management System

FMS automates the full lifecycle management of network user and group home folders. Folder Management System is a stand-alone product but can also integrate with Identity Automation's suite of Access Request Management System and Data Synchronization System products.

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