Integrated Digital Workspace Solutions for the Public Sector

Carahsoft and HP Anyware deliver secure digital workspace and PCoIP solutions to help public sector agencies meet the rising demands of hybrid collaboration, workflow productivity and network security. With HP Anyware software’s flexible deployments, agencies can seamlessly implement high-performance workstations to allow users to work from anywhere. Click below to learn about HP Anyware’s PCoIP Zero Client and Thin Client secure remote workspace solutions.


HP Anyware

HP Anyware's reliable software allows government agencies to safeguard data and content within their network while delivering a distortion-free experience with exceptional color accuracy. HP Anyware helps ensure government agencies are productive and secure without requiring connection to a VPN. Get peace of mind with HP Anyware and securely access digital workspaces from anywhere.

Secure Digital Workspaces

PCoIP Zero Client and Thin Clients for the Public Sector

HP Anyware's highly integrated, purpose-built processor ensures public sector agencies' data is safe and secure by sending encrypted pixel images directly to end user displays. Upgrade your workflows and manage existing PCoIP Zero Client and Thin Clients in any PCoIP, VMware Horizon or Amazon WorkSpace environment. Click below to view an extensive selection of military-grade desktop devices, laptops, all-in-one monitors and rack mount endpoints.

PCoIP Management Console