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HEAVY.AI and Carahsoft have partnered together to provide a series of self-guided tours of HEAVY.AI's products and features. Similar to a live demo, the self-guided tours explores how HEAVY.AI's products and features applies to a specific technology vertical such as Artificial Intelligence.


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HEAVY.AI Artificial Intelligence Self-Guided Tour

HEAVY.AI Artificial Intelligence Self-Guided Tour

Expand beyond the limitations of traditional BI and GIS by leveraging the full power of modern GPU and CPU hardware so you can extract decision-quality information from your massive datasets without lag. Heavy.AI is SQL-based, relational, columnar, and specifically developed to harness the massive parallelism of modern CPU and GPU hardware. Heavy.AI can query up to billions of rows in milliseconds, and is capable of unprecedented ingestion speeds, making it the ideal SQL engine for the era of big, high-velocity data. Actionable intelligence is time sensitive. Yet the scale of modern public sector data is too large for timely analysis or visualization. HEAVY.AI provides extreme acceleration for actionable insights and full rendering support for visualization.

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Benefits Snapshot:


  • Process billions of rows of data in milliseconds with unprecedented ingestion speeds
  • Analysts can now layer in geospatial data as it arrives in real-time
  • Visualize billions of points and complex polygons at unparalleled speed
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HEAVY.AI (formerly Omnisci) is an interactive visual analytics tool that enables you to extract decision quality information from your largest datasets.The software provides advanced analytics that allow you to visualize opportunity and risks hiding in their big location and time data.HEAVY allows you to instantly inform your most critical decisions with stunning visualizations, accelerated geospatial intelligence and advanced analytics


  • Fuse and cross-filter multi-dimensional data on common attribute.
  • Uncover surprising multi-factor relationships from any number of internal/external data sources.
  • Quickly iterate between dashboard parameters to perform projections, estimations, and comparisons.
  • Construct filter sets and track them over time and place to gain a more focused, visual understanding of related groups.
  • Tap into state-of-the-art graphics capabilities to see and interact with every point, line and polygon, both in a global context and stunning granular detail.
  • Native support for Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) formats and data types.
  • A suite of hardware-accelerated GeoSQL functions and operations.
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HeavyEco Flood

HeavyECo provides a unique combination of real time data from NOAA, USGS, FEMA, Census, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and others that is spatially jointed to physical infrastructure and demographic information, allowing officials to quickly assess the impact of condition changes. This reduces data latency and enables faster decision making for potential mitigation or response. Leveraging the powerful HEAVY.AI data platform, coupled with out of the box access to relevant public data, the solution includes dashboards presenting current and forecasted conditions in a visual manner for analysis and decision making. The data is updated hourly to enable rapid response.


  • Faciliates critical decisions by providing real-time situational awareness of observed and forecast weather and hydrological conditions.
  • Reduces time spent on data extraction and processing by providing analysis ready data
  • Provides local government stakeholders with continuous awareness of forecast changes and the potential impact.
  • Multiple sources of authoritative data are combined and instantly visualized in a single easy to use dashboard with interactive visual analytics.
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HeavyRF is a comprehensive radio frequency (RF) propagation simulation tool catering to diverse applications like coverage mapping and assessing customer-based metrics such as Quality of Service (QoS). Employing a physics-based methodology, it simulates RF signal propagation by emitting rays from antenna points and tracking their interactions with different obstacles referred to as 'clutter.' These obstructions encompass terrain, vegetation, and buildings, sourced from various data formats like GIS boundaries, raster representations or LiDAR point clouds.


  • This solution aids in network planning, particularly in the realm of 5G, where elements such as line of sight, clutter and propagation are pivotal. These tools support the efficient deployment of new infrastructure by simulating diverse scenarios and forecasting coverage areas effectively.
  • Optimizing network performance involves analyzing data related to signal propagation, coverage mapping and interference. This analysis enhances service quality and boosts efficiency.
  • Provides visualization tools that convert intricate RF propagation and clutter data into understandable visuals. These visualizations empower telecom companies to make informed decisions and communicate network performance effectively.

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