Drive your employees to fun, healthy, and engaging competitions and build a healthy wellness culture at your workplace.

Health Hero Employee Wellness allows teams of any size to create fun and engaging well-being activities and challenges that bring your team and peers together in a fun and healthy work environment. The app is accessible from your browser, tablet, and smartphone.

Some of the features currently available are:

  • Engaging and competitive leaderboard
  • All-in-one dashboard experience
  • Capture activities via chat or uploading pictures (one point per activity)
  • Create teams and compete against each other
  • Create engaging challenges to keep your team engaged
  • Customize your team’s experience

Health Hero Employee Wellness is designed to increase well-being awareness, improve employee engagement, and create a wellness conscious work environment which translates into more happy and healthy employees.

Smart Telehealth - Automated Calls, Texts, & Social Determinants of Health – Via Artificial Intelligence Disease state specific templates for your hospital or practice. Health Hero also provides smart, multi-channel, and integrated health engagement experiences that are powerful, beautiful, and simple to deploy.