Haystax Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Haystax for Insider Threat

    Haystax for Insider Threat is a sophisticated end to end Insider Risk Security Operations Center (SOC) platform for risk and security professionals looking to enable their existing program with speed, confidence and compliance. Haystax provides the SOC with the ability to foresee potential risk, speed existing workflow processes and confidently apply controls, all from one centralized and shared platform.

  • Haystax for Continuous Evaluation (CE)

    Haystax for Continuous Evaluation is an analytically defensible personnel security investigation platform for agencies tasked with improving the timeliness between periodic investigation cycles. Haystax for CE cost-effectively measures the clearance-worthiness of entire populations by applying Model-first User Behavior Analytics (Model-first UBA) with other Artificial Intelligence (AI) Techniques to process big data to identify individuals with risky behaviors that warrant further investigation prior to updating their clearance.

  • Haystax for Account Compromise

    Haystax for Account Compromise is a Security Operations Center platform for organizations looking to upgrade the SOC’s ability to quickly surface compromised accounts. Haystax advances the SOC by eliminating the burden of alert fatigue with patented Model-first User Behavior Analytics and a blend of proven artificial intelligence techniques that together automate and substitute account compromise detection subject matter expertise. The platform also spares analysts from time-consuming facets of investigations by systematizing complex workflows via user-friendly customizable Apps that enhance collaboration and speed across the SOC.

  • Haystax for Safety & Security

    Haystax for Safety & Security is an Incident management platform for agencies looking to respond with confidence to all threats. The platform provides security operation centers with full domain awareness and complete control of the chain of command in real-time. With Haystax, threat mitigation is supported with an expansive intelligence approach achieved by correlating suspicious activity and field interview reports, threatening social media feeds, sensor data, scheduled events, crime stats, traffic and weather data and much more on your own custom map or timeline feed, filtered so that you see all the key signals – with none of the noise. Security operations centers monitor, report, alert and respond to incidents from a single unified environment in the command center or from a mobile device.