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HashiCorp and Carahsoft have partnered to provide a series of self-guided tours for HashiCorp’s enterprise-ready DevSecOps solutions. Similar to a live demonstration, these in-depth walkthroughs explore HashiCorp's wide array of use cases that can help meet you and your organization’s unique IT needs.


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HashiCorp DevSecOps Self-Guided Tour

HashiCorp DevSecOps Self-Guided Tour

HashiCorp adopts an open approach centered on transparency, community building and a unified vision, making it an ideal ally for DevSecOps teams. With a mission to drive digital transformation and expedite the cloud journey, HashiCorp empowers Government agencies to navigate complex landscapes with ease. Through its suite of cloud infrastructure automation tools, HashiCorp enables agencies to achieve business objectives at scale across diverse cloud environments. By offering a cohesive application delivery experience, regardless of the target cloud platform, HashiCorp equips platform teams with the tools needed to streamline operations and enhance security within DevSecOps pipelines.

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HashiCorp Vault

HashiCorp Vault provides a standardized solution to secure your credentials by utilizing identity-based security to guard secrets and other critical data. HashiCorp Vault helps organizations address challenges of securely storing and accessing sensitive information.


  • Encryption as a Service: HashiCorp Vault provides encryption services for data in transit and at rest. It can generate and manage encryption keys, making it easier to implement encryption across various applications and services.
  • Access Control: HashiCorp Vault enforces access, ensuring that only authorized users and applications can access the data.
  • Increase operational efficiency and reduce costs by scaling secrets access across your IT environment, consolidating applications for secrets storage and policy.
  • Save Developer Time: HashiCorp Vault allows teams to automate credential rotation so that your team can speed audit to mission.
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HashiCorp Terraform is an infrastructure as code automation solution that creates a single easy to understand workflow that allows provisioning of resources from cloud, private datacenters, and SaaS infrastructure.


  • Cut costs with infrastructure optimization: Streamline processes to enhance transparency and proactively implement cost-focused guidelines for restricting unnecessary and vulnerable infrastructure. Reduce duplicative efforts and elevate team efficiency for a distinctive workflow.
  • Secure your infrastructure: Codify and reuse secure and compliant infrastructure. Standardize workflows with the ability to create and enforce guardrails to bridge provisioning skills gaps, continuously enforce policy, and maintain visibility at scale.
  • Go to market faster with a single automated workflow: Empower developers to effortlessly and expeditiously provision and oversee their infrastructure through seamless VCS integration in CI/CD, reusable modules, policy-as-code frameworks, and drift detection capabilities.
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HashiCorp Nomad is an application scheduling and orchestration solution that handles isolating filesystems, networking, and managing resources for containers, VMs, and more.


  • Learn Nomad faster than Kubernetes: A versatile application scheduler and orchestrator, easy to learn, quick to adopt, and simple to manage.
  • Schedule, deploy and manage any application workload: Boost service delivery through universal workload orchestration. Nomad efficiently manages filesystem isolation, networking, and resource allocation for containers, binaries, VMs, Java JARs, and beyond.
  • Increase operational efficiency at a massive scale: Efficiently scale your infrastructure from a singular instance to thousands of nodes within a cluster. Deploy seamlessly across diverse environments, including private datacenters and multi-cloud configurations.
  • Workload management for edge devices: Effectively handle workloads for edge devices, such as sensors or microcomputers, that operate intermittently and aren't consistently connected to central cloud centers.
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HashiCorp Consul utilizes identity based service networking for service discovery, security, and network automation in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.


  • 41% faster development lifecycle: Enhance service deployment and scaling efficiency through advanced multi-platform service discovery and health monitoring capabilities.
  • 26% increase in operational efficiencies: Drive operational efficiency by implementing centralized management and automation, resulting in significant time and resource savings.
  • Reduce risk and enable least privileged access: Adopt application networking and zero-trust practices with identity-based authorization and service-to-service encryption for enhanced security.
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Boundary provides identity-based controls to connect users and manage their access. Boundary was built for cloud and enables teams with modern privileged access management. Boundary comes with identity-driven controls to secure user access across changing environments. Empower your team to authenticate, authorize, connect and access critical data.


  • Reduce the risk of a breach
  • Boost developer velocity and reduce time spent using manual workflows
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Enable your team to standardize application and workflows at scale with Waypoint. Empower platform teams to deliver golden patterns and workflows to manage applications at scale in any environment.More and more platform teams are utilizing Waypoint in their Cloud Operating Model. WayPoint provides your team with a consistent and actionable catalog.


  • Adopt a consistent developer experience for your development teams
  • Standardize application patterns and workflows to get application teams running quickly
  • Scale application management by executing golden workflows to build, deploy, and beyond from a single UI for all your applications.

HashiCorp’s Benefits Snapshot:


  • Centralized Identity AuthN/AuthZ to reduce cyber breaches.
  • Application deployment built to meet strict security and compliance requirements.
  • Discover and connect applications securely within and across cloud environments.