According to Microsoft, 77% of ransomware attacks include some type of file-less injection malware. Our malware and ransomware protection software, HARPOON, removes approximately 40% of the entire attack surface on Windows computers through fully automated Artificial Intelligence, thus extending the value of existing cyber tools, but also reducing the workload for SOC/cyber security operators. For example, HARPOON is the only software that detected and blocked such attacks as Solar Winds and PowGoop; as confirmed by their existing customer, Cyber National Mission Force.

HARPOON is a small agent that was designed and engineered to live inside applications. This enables HARPOON to work effectively without today’s useless signatures. In addition, HARPOON doesn’t create false-positives, false-negatives and is therefore 100% deterministic. It only alerts or blocks malware and ransomware. HARPOON defends against risk because it understands applications by becoming part of them, at run-time. This is the only proven way of protecting organizations who otherwise are sitting ducks. HARPOON strengthens any organization’s security posture by stopping the attacks that enemy state actors and commercial malware developers rely upon, and which are widely considered most likely to succeed at penetrating any organization: process and memory injections.

Modern Anti-Virus, Next Generation Anti-Virus, Web Application Firewalls (WAF), and End Point Detection Solutions are simply not designed to handle the most sophisticated attacks coming from inside and outside companies, from inside the country and from rogue nations. Modern SIEMs lacking HARPOON’s input are left with post-exploit analyses, which make great social and educational contributions, but do nothing whatsoever to protect an organization’s safety, revenues, or reputation. HARPOON is a crucial addition to all modern Anti-Virus, Next Gen AV’s, EDR’s and SIEM solution because it is the only purpose-built too that performs the sole job of defending and running processes and memory on Windows PCs and servers without using any external database, updates, and without generating any useless noise for busy security operations. Every HARPOON alert is authentic and can be trusted as actionable. Fill the gap in your security solutions today and install HARPOON to deliver the results required for true cyber security.

For further unprecedented software protection, Encrypt1 is HARPOON’s second security offering that features their signature light-weight presence and unmatched speed; rendered ease of installation and management that delivers both effectiveness and a customer-friendly solution at once.

Encrypt1 enhances existing AES and RSA encryption methods with rapid-key-rotation software that extends the encryption down to the packet, block, and datagram level. Every five microseconds, a fresh key is generated. This allows the user control of their trusted network and delivers secure communications. If you’d like to keep your private data and information secure, reach out to us today for a free demo.