Groundswell Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Unified Dynamic Case Management (UDCM)

    a. Groundswell’s UDCM solution enables internal and external users to efficiently create cases tied to your business areas through a modern, streamlined process, and facilitates the processing of each case through its entire life-cycle. A defining feature of the UDCM solution is the ability for users to create an infinite number of tailored workflows with no additional development required. These workflows are utilized to efficiently route cases based on their attributes.

    i. Cases can be associated with any entity, such as a business unit or asset, increasing the visibility and availability of information across the organization. The ability to incorporate and utilize existing Appian Records makes the solution ideal for both new Appian customers, as well as for seamless integration into existing platforms. In addition, UDCM offers comprehensive auxiliary capabilities that accelerate efficiency and transparency, such as: knowledge management, automated routing, a reporting suite, and much more!

    ii. The flexible power of UDCM is currently being utilized by a federal financial agency, a top 5 international bank, a large nonprofit, and others.

  • Position Description Management (PDM)

    a. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) mandates federal agencies to classify position descriptions (PDs) in order to hire qualified individuals. Currently, most agencies do not have an effective way to track their PDs or open new positions referencing their classified PDs. Furthermore, many agencies do not have a way to efficiently maintain their positions, determine and track vacancies, and execute hiring actions against those vacant positions. The lack of visibility leads to:

    i. Duplicate PDs and positions being created

    ii. Unnecessary work by HR teams to classify PDs and positions that already exist

    iii. Inability to track positions against approved fiscal year budgets

    iv. Insufficient recruitment and selection processes resulting in talent gaps or hiring from a pool of less qualified candidates

    b. Groundswell's Position Description Management (PDM) solution provides an efficient and effective process to create and review position descriptions, manage positions, and create and review hiring actions. It is the first PD-centric HR management system, allowing federal HR personnel to manage their work based on OPM mandates and agency requirements that complies with federal standards and guidelines.

  • Enterprise Project Management (EPM)

    a. Project management is a vital task in all organizations, large and small. The management of these projects varies widely across departments or types of projects within an organization. Most organizations manage their projects in silos with limited visibility outside of the project, little to no awareness outside of the department, and almost no enterprise wide reporting or insight. Due to this, lessons learned, successes and failures, and overall knowledge is ineffectively captured and shared making organizational improvement difficult. When an actual project management “system” is in place, it is typically a Gantt chart or a Gantt chart centric application that captures tasks, subtasks, and dependencies, but not much else. These models tend to be static too.

    i. Problems are magnified due to lack of real time visibility for all stakeholders

    ii. The root causes of issues and failed projects are unknown and therefore frequently repeated

    iii. Successes are not highlighted and emphasized, leading to major losses in process improvement and employee recognition

    iv. Key outcomes and results are not captured, shared, or used to improve future projects, leading to the common pitfall of the loud voice driving future project methodologies and paradigms

    b. Groundswell’s Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solution, based on PMBOK and CMMI standards, provides comprehensive end to end management of all aspects of a project including but not limited to, Team Members, Vision, Communication, Activities, Milestones, Deliverables, Action Items, Impediments, Risks, Decisions, Document Management, Reporting, and more. The solution leverages the data from each individual project to provide enterprise wide awareness and transparency.

    i. Allows for simple configurations for your specific organizational requirements to be added to achieve full compliance with your rules and requirements in a single unified solution

    ii. An intuitive visual based interface helps you effectively and efficiently track and adjust timelines through activities, milestones, and deliverables

    iii. Reporting capabilities provide each stakeholder with insightful and actionable reporting to improve organizational effectiveness and alignment

  • Audit, Inspection, and Review Solution (AIRS)

    a. Groundswell’s Audit, Inspection, and Review Solution (AIRS) streamlines review activities by providing transparency, auditability, and accountability across all processes. The solution’s flexibility allows it to be utilized for all use cases ranging from simple to the most complex.

    i. Organizations currently utilize a combination of paper based processes, spreadsheets, email, and antiquated systems to track audits, inspections, and reviews conducted by their organization. These methods provide little to no visibility into the progress of an activity or the results. Additional challenges with the current methods include:

    ii. Delayed data entry of key activity data.

    iii. Loss of long term analysis capabilities.

    iv. Inability to establish trends for subjects or overall processes.

    v. Extensive time required to create, maintain, and update policies and procedures.

    vi. Considerable amounts of time spent scoping the activity due to manual processes.

    vii. Frequent reuse of activity structures that are not tailored to the specific subject.

    viii. Time intensive report creation and delivery, leading to delays in the resolution of critical issues.

    ix. Groundswell’s Audit, Inspection, and Review Solution (AIRS), built on the Appian Low-Code platform, enables organizations to scope, plan, conduct and analyze audits, inspections, and reviews. The flexible solution can be tailored to be used for any entity such as a cybersecurity audit on a company, an employee review, or a building inspection.

    1. Fully integrated site allows users to take action, review key metrics, and more!

    2. Uses intelligent automation to create the structure and requirements for every activity automatically.

    3. Allows end users to manage the repository of checklist items that need to be completed as part of each activity

    4. Enables the tracking, reporting and resolving of findings throughout an activity’s lifecycle

    5. Provides seamless automated report creation and storage for rapid and evolving insights.

    a. This solution is not specific to any specific country or industry, and is flexible to meet different requirements.