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Enterprise Data Microservice Platform for the Public Sector

A venture-backed API and service mesh platform software vendor, Decipher Technology Studios, now Greymatter.io, is driving the next era of intelligent service mesh to solve complex challenges flowing from enterprises’ DevSecOps and NetSecOps pipelines through production operations. Led by a team of experts, the company builds infrastructure intelligence solutions to help its customers better manage, secure, and operate enterprise software.

Greymatter.io is the only enterprise microservices IL6+ accredited, C2E-ready, and 100% cloud-agnostic platform provider continuously trusted and selected by the U.S. Government, Department of Defense (DoD), and Intelligence Community (IC) for more than seven years to support the world’s most demanding mission requirements. The platform has a rapidly growing user base that includes some of the largest, most security-conscious, globally decentralized organizations in the world.

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