GoSecure Solutions for the Public Sector

  • MDR - Managed Detection & Response

    GoSecure Titan Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services combine endpoint, network, and email threat detection into a single managed detection and response service to deliver a rapid response and active mitigation services that directly touches customers' endpoints and networks with both automated monitoring tools and human threat hunting capabilities.

  • Managed SIEM - Managed Security Information and Event Management

    Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools gather, process and analyze information from systems, applications and devices to generate security health data, as well as incident and event information, such as alerts. SIEM spans entire environments, collects mass amounts of data and looks for issues and errors through the logs it records. GoSecure Titan Managed SIEM delivers centralized security health information without the burden on the in-house team of developing and maintaining the SIEM tools.

  • VMaaS - Vulnerability Management as a Service

    GoSecure Titan VMaaS delivers complete solutions for organizations to keep systems and applications updated and in compliance – with managed support available to remediate issues and improve security posture.

  • PEN Testing - Penetration Testing

    Comprehensive Penetration Testing options from GoSecure emulate threats from real-world attackers to expose risks and gaps in your organization's security. Our intrusion tests are developed based on the individual threat model, industry and technology of your organization, not a cookie-cutter, automated approach. At GoSecure, testing professionals are Offensive Security Certified Professionals (OSCP), ensuring that the team is meeting the highest standards in the industry for skills, expertise and testing methodologies.

  • CSA - Cybersecurity Assessment

    The GoSecure Cybersecurity Assessment (CSA) is an assessment of the overall state of your cybersecurity so that you can strategically plan and tactically improve your cybersecurity posture. Our CSA assesses your strategic control environment and references against industry best practices. The CSA uncovers and tests vulnerabilities within the tactical control environment that expose your business to threat events. Results are contextualized not only to your business but also to organizations of comparable size, type and industry. We provide prioritized recommendations designed to improve your business’ overall cybersecurity.

  • IR - Incident Response Services

    GoSecure Incident Response Services help organizations that have been breached, are experiencing an active cyberattack or who think their security have may been compromised by an external or insider threat. Our team helps your organization contain, resolve and recover from incidents faster, minimizing operational, financial and reputational impact. Our professionals help your organization respond and recover, as well as properly document incidents for legal and insurance purposes. When a breach happens, our experienced professionals help quickly contain and address the issue because we already know the people, processes and systems in place thanks to the response roadmap developed during the onboarding process.